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by Nini
Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2148014
when a unicorn discovers the mystery of his life
My name is Kiara, I lived with Kelp ever since his birth. I have noticed his difference as he began to grow. His tusk was shorter, a lot shorter than mine. He had different taste with me, and he wasn't a good swimmer. But I never cared about his differentness as long as he was still with me. And playing with me. Until one day, I saw him at the surface of the sea, looking at something that looks a lot like him. I was worried, and depressed whether to warn him or not. I found him swimming towards the mysterious creature as fast as he could, though he wasn't really fast. Not fast at all. I followed him, watching him until I wasn't capable of going further. Then I turned, swimming to my full ability, wishing to tell the other whales about kelp. However, they didn't seem to be worry or bothered by the disappearance of kelp. I tried to convince them that kelp was in danger and he might be hurt by the unknown world. They looked at me, laughing, and began to tell the truth. Kelp was different, because he wasn't a whale. He was a unicorn. I was surprised, but most of all I was worried, worried that he will leave us forever. So when he came back the next day, I welcomed him with all my enthusiasm. The following day, kelp took a deep breath and told us the truth. "it turns out... I wasn't a narwhal" I wasn't surprised. " I am a unicorn." Knowing the truth from the beginning, it didn't took us long to accept the truth. Everything seemed to be back normal again, kelp was back. But I know that he was confused, whether to be a land narwhal with the unicorns, or a sea unicorn with the narwhals. However he seemed to manage himself well he came up with the suitable solution.

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