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Profile of Main Character
Name: Gwen Terran

Birthday: 08/06/2001
Place of birth: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Parents: Morgan Terran
What was important to the person who raised her? Being safe and independent
Economic/social status growing up: Lower middle class
Ethnic background: American with Pagan beliefs
Places lived: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Education: Attending College for a degree in Business Management
Favorite subject in school: Ceramics
Jobs: Helps her mother run her store.
Salary: $13,312
Friends: Nathaniel Fang (20), Torrance Long (23)
How do people view this character: Perky, friendly, outgoing, and helpful
Lives with: Nathaniel
Fights with: Morgan and Nathaniel
Spends time with: Classmates, Nathaniel, and Morgan
Who depends on her and why: Morgan depends on her to continue working at the shop and become co-owner when she graduates. Nathaniel depends on her to contribute to the rent and utilities of their apartment.
What people does she most admire: She admires her mother for being able to raise her and run a business.
Enemies: Aden Black
Dating, marriage: Engaged to Nathaniel Fang
Relationship with God: Believes in the Mother and other Goddesses
Overall outlook on life: Positive
Does this character like herself? Yes
What, if anything, would she like to change about her life? She would like to have a partner who is less skeptical of her beliefs
What personal demons haunt her? She is haunted by dreams of another life in which her mother, Nathaniel, Torrance, and Aden Black are different people. They always end with her and Nathaniel dying.
Is she lying to herself about something? She tries to maintain her relationship with Nathaniel even though something inside her tells her to end it.
Optimistic/pessimistic: Optimistic
Real/feigned: Real
Morality level: Normal
Confidence level: Average
Typical day: She gets up and goes to class. Studies with class mates for an hour or two after lunch. Works at her mother’s shop from three to seven.

Physical appearance
Body type: slender
Posture: Straight
Head shape: Round
Eyes: Emerald Green
Nose: Button
Mouth: Natural
Hair: Fiery red waist length
Skin: smooth and creamy
Tattoos/piercings/scars: A pentagram with a tri quatra in the center and a symbol for each of the five elements on each of the five points. Located on her back but invisible unless revealed by five mages who can each wield one of the five elements or an Arch Mage who can wield all five elements.
Voice: firm but kind unless she is roused to anger
What people notice first: Her hair and eyes
Clothing: Cotton peasant blouses and ankle length skirts. Modern female undergarments. Sandals in warm weather and boots in cold.
How would she describe herself? Cheerful and helpful

Personality type: Sanguine
Strongest/weakest character traits:
         Strongest: Friendly, outgoing, helpful
         Weakest: Self-sacrificing, avoids confrontation, eager to please
How can the flip side of her strong point be a weakness: Annoying, too trusting, obliging
How much self-control and self-discipline does she have: Rarely misses class or work unless she is unable to get out of bed. Maintains courteous demeanor, even with people who are unpleasant.
What makes her irrationally angry? Nathaniel’s attempts to prove to her magic isn’t real. Her mother’s insistence that she should find someone more suitable to marry.
What makes her cry? The need to cry in others
Fears: An unexplainable fear of being alone with Aden Black, especially when he is within arms reach.
Talents: Throwing ceramic figurines
What people like best about her: She always seems to know what to say to lighten a mood

Interests and favorites
Political leaning: Moderate
Collections: Ceramic figurines made by others or herself.
Food, drink: Anything milk chocolate
Music: Celtic, New Age, Traditional
Books: Fantasy and Historical Romance
Movies: Fantasy, Romantic Comedy
Sports, recreation: Swimming
Did she play in school? No
Color: Green
Best way to spend a weekend: Attending local festivals or craft shows
A great gift for this person: Something symbolic of the five elements or a goddess
Pets: Two cats

Typical expressions
When happy: Smiles and laughs
When angry: Scowls and snaps
When frustrated: Gets quiet and keeps to himself until he can do something to work off the frustration
When sad: cries
Idiosyncrasies: Fiddles with displays when flustered or uncomfortable
Laughs or jeers at: Characters in books or movies who make obvious and avoidable errors
Ways to cheer up this person: Get her talking about one her ceramics projects or something in her mother’s store.
Ways to annoy this person: Poke fun at the store or beliefs surrounding its merchandise
Hopes and dreams: Hopes to keep her mother’s shop up and running. Dreams of incorporating her ceramics as merchandise or having her own shop.
How does she see herself accomplishing these dreams: Becoming an equal partner after she graduates and one day inheriting the shop
What’s the worst thing she’s ever done to someone and why: When she was a teenager she attempted to curse a girl who made fun of her clothes. She failed because Morgan cought her and dispelled the magic.
Greatest success: Some of the figures she made won awards at craft shows
Biggest trauma: Can’t recall one but her dreams indicate otherwise
Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to her: Getting caught making out with Nathaniel by Morgan while they were still in high school.
What does she care about most in the world: Her mother and the success of the store
Does she have a secret: She harbors feelings of desire for Torrance
If he could do one thing and succeed at it, what would it be: Harness the five elements
She is the kind of person who: would give someone else the last slice of pizza
What do you love most about this character? She tries to make the best of things even when she feels something isn’t right.
Why will the reader sympathize with this person right away? She gets caught in the middle of a struggle she does not know about or understand
How is the character ordinary or extraordinary? She is a college student trying to find her way and after a jaunt through time and space finds a lot more than she bargained for.
How is her situation ordinary or extraordinary? She and Nathaniel are returned to their original lives and given the chance to make things right with their significant ogthers
Core Need: Discover who and what she really is.
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