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Introducing Gwen Terran
The large blue bus bounced and raddled along the road on its way from the campus to the out door strip mall where her mother’s store was located. Gwen sat in a seat near the door so she wouldn’t have to rush to get off before the driver pulled away from the designated stop. She used the weight of her hand crafted leather back pack in her lap to counter balance the bus’s attempts to dislodge her from the seat. It was not by any of the well known designers. Just a leather bag she made herself. The green peasant blouse and long brown skirt she wore were also hand made. Her mother made sure she knew how to make just about anything she would need. Morgan Terran’s philosophy was why buy it when you can make it yourself? The things they could not make she would buy from a thrift shop or one of the local discount stores.

It never bothered Gwen to wear hand made clothes or carry a hand-made bag. At least not until some of the other girls in her school started whispering about her. She was not bale to catch everything they said but the words shabby and out of style were said loud enough to be heard by all. For the first time in her life she felt the need to defend their lifestyle. She walked up to those girls and waited for them to acknowledge her.

“Hi, Gwen,” one of the girls said. Was on the outer edge of the group so it was clear she was just trying to be apart of something.

“Nice outfit,” the center girl sneered. “What brand is it?

“None,” Gwen answered. “I made it myself. My mother helped me with the alterations.”

“How sweet,” center girl demurred. “It’s too bad she can’t afford to by you clothes.”

The two girls standing on either side of center girl giggled. Gwen squared her shoulders and lifted her chin. “It’s too bad your parents work so hard to buy you clothes that won’t last beyond the year. I’m sure they’d rather spend time with them.”

With that said she turned on her heel and walked away. The driver’s voices jolted Gwen from her back to the present.

“Here’s your stop sweetheart,” he called.

Gwen pulled her bag onto her back and stood as the bus rolled to a stop. She paused at the top of the steps and looked over her shoulder at the older man seated in the driver’s seat. “Have a good day, Tom.”

“You too, honey,” he said. He reached forward and pulled the metal leaver back to open the doors.

Gwen said. She stepped down the stairs onto the side walk. The long thick braid of red and gold hair swung as she walked from the bus stop to Terran’s. Her mother chose to name the shop after their last name with the intent of it being a family business.

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