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Stay focused on a better you
I would consider myself a goal driven man, on a sure way to success. I am going to make it in this world!
So, I'm driving to work, on a two way street. The roads are very narrow, with lots of stores on both sides of me. The stores start to turn into houses the longer I drive down this road. I'm paying attention to my surroundings, and when I happen to look to the right of me I see a man, standing at the bus stop. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a man, waiting on the bus. I continue to drive.

My favorite morning radio show is on, and I'm drinking my coffee, just a little bit strong this morning. I am drawn to look out the right side window, and I see a man, on the side walk, in mid-stretch of his torso, taking a break from his jogging. He looks like, the same man I seen at the bus stop, a few miles back. But that's impossible. This man was in a jogging suit, and there is no way someone could travel that fast. So I keep driving.
I've driven about a half a mile more, and out of my right peripheral, I see... the same goddamn man! This time he was talking to another man. I am demanding to make eye contact with this man, and he makes a cold and serious eye contact back with me. I abruptly look straight ahead, and I keep driving.
Finally I make it to my destination, and the man who I'd seen at the bus stop, and a few miles down the road jogging, and a little ways after that talking to another man...was now standing in the parking lot, looking... at his watch! My heart starts to pound, and I get out my car, close the door, while keeping my eyes on this man. I rush towards him, almost sprinting my way there. I need to ask this man some questions, some things just aren't adding up. I step up to this man and I'm looking him height to height in the eye, I'm at a lost for words. He looks awfully familiar to me. In that moment of shock, I begin to speak...
"Was it you, who I seen at the bus stop, and a few miles after that jogging, and a short ways down the road talking to a man? Now, you're here, dressed up in a what seems to be a tailored suit, and you're just standing there as if, you were, waiting ...on me. Who are you?"
The man looks at me, and blinks his eyes once, as if his eyes were telling me he understands me, and he answers...
"You don't recognize me? I'm you, in the future. Those times you were seeing me, I was on my journey to this exact place, to greatness. This is me living my dream. I was waiting on you to meet me here. Now that you're here, this means, you've finally accomplished your dreams. I can finally say, CONGRATULATIONS, you.. are living... your dream!"
I smile and I shake hands with the man who helped me to deliver in my plans...me.Â
"Now lets go make bigger dreams"...

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