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A poem I wrote for my elderly mum
Daisy's Days

While thinking of you, as I often do, a thought came to my cluttered mind
That I heard someone say, that all the world's a play and we all play a part in our own time
And if that's really true, then what do I tell of you, and this crazy life you lead throughout the years
For what a classic play, you've starred in day to day, awash with fun and passion and with tears

So begins Act 1, in which you are so young, a frightened child amid a war-torn world
Borne by train to strangers homes, far from family and alone, yet still surviving beyond the little girl
And you sat on floors so cold, and did as you were told, reciting nursery rhymes and repeating the Lord's prayer
Yet all the while you yearned, for the family love you'd learned, longing to be home in your mother's care

In Act 2 you are lass, a woman with much sass, a beauty with the spirit of a dove
Yet, for you there was not time, to live fully and to shine, for those around you needed your boundless love
Still you whirled and laughed and dreamed, hoping someday you would glean, something more from this sad old world we see
Until love called at your door, and in his eyes he saw, the princess who would one day set him free

And so Act 3 is born the mother, one unlike any other, who sacrifices all for her little ones
You begged, you stole you borrowed, shared our joys and all our sorrows, yet still found time to lay there in the sun
It was crazy, it was funny, our noses often runny , but you were ever brave and always strong
Maybe not Chasseur Chicken, more Beans on Toast or Bread and Drippin, but we were fed, and we were loved and we belonged

Enter character in next scene, Mike the mechanic and his dreams, where he's a medic and a lawyer and owns a firm
With an ego as big as a planet, and a gob like the titanic, he dragged you with him halfway round the world

In Act 5 you've slowed down, and your hair is silver now, and you need to rely on others to care for you
And sometimes you get sad, and your language is very bad, but still you shine your love around your room
Like a nesting great Queen Bee, with your drones buzzing noisily, you are the centre of so many others' lives
For you are gold to us, you never lose your buzz, and you're still as sweet as honey in your hive

But your story still goes on, with something else to come, a new scene, an encore, a brand new part
Remember that prayer you said, when you knelt beside your bed, and wished for a better world with all your heart
Well that world is coming soon, and it offers much for you, when the Kingdom comes and, on earth God's will is done
Those you've lost - alive again, no more sorrow, no more pain, but a world wrapped in peace and filled with love

Where you will be young once more, and you'll dance around the floor, and you'll laugh again with your sisters and your mum
And you'll never cry again. And you'll never know the pain, all guaranteed when “Thy kingdom comes”
And if you should you fall asleep, we would wait and weep, and need our poor broken hearts restored
We will await the day, when you will wake again, and we can be together evermore

So trust me with all your heart, your story's about to start, and that day will see the brightest ever sun
I couldn't lie to you, dear mum I swear it's true, cause if not, you might smack me on my bum
For in the meadow that I see, where - like flowers we are free, amongst the green and all the colours set aflame
There is beauty, there is bliss, but one thing I would miss, without a Daisy it wouldn't be the same
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