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Love to death.
Poem XI
Love, such a magical thing. It starts with a touch and ends with a ring.
It starts with a hi and ends in goodbye. Oh such a magical thing.
Love, on our wedding day, remember those days we spent alone by the bay?
Listening to all those loud seagulls play?
Letting the water splash at our feet and letting the sun fill our bodies with heat.
Do you remember when I first met you the way we looked and simply just knew?
You and I happy as bees both of us in the kissing tree.
Do you remember that sunny day we sat in fields while our children played.
The clouds rolling in, puffs of smoke then I watch both children choke planes fly by their engines roar that was it the beginning of war.
I lost my kids and you soon follow nothings left I feel so hollow.
The seagulls cried at the bay, the flowers died in the field that day.
Here I sit alone in our room next to a chair I will stand on soon.
As I look out the window towards the ocean my body falls in cold hard motion
I’ll see you again in heavens notion. -Makalia Vos

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