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is it...to late to still have those feelings?
oh, the butterflies I feel when I pick up the phone.
the butterflies i get when I see your name light up on my screen

i get these feelings, perhaps they are feelings that are normal when you have a crush but these are way different they are the feelings you get when you first start to text a certain person . it is that feeling when you are standing over a really tall, deep and dangerous fall and your afraid of heights. I get this feeling that makes me smile out of no where and I can't stop smiling. Yet then I get these fears, these feelings that make my heart feel like I am falling in the deepest hole , where it is dark ,cold and silent. perhaps its the feeling when your under water and you try to swim up for air but you can't . Almost like there is a weight holding you down , yet you are trying so hard to get some air you can't. I get those feelings when you aren't around me . I get those feelings when we don't talk for days , I get random emotions and tears falling from no where .
although we both know that if our love was to stop , perhaps my butterflies would die. Those butterflies would no longer tickle , they will no longer be beautiful. Then months will pass and you will be a faint memory but those butterflies will still be in my heart.
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