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by Fyn
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Pillow gods

Scarlet pillows clustered awaiting guests.
Gathering family, traditions together.
Freshly stuffed, new feathers, new year.
Comfortable for ancient bones,
tired from long journeys home for
family is everything and all.


Once honored elder walked interminable journey
for many days and nights. Coins being scarce,
he slept nights in tall grasses at road’s edge
huddled against chilled winds. Curled inside
his mind, he dreamed dreams
where pillows encased his worn, frail body.

Each night he dreamed yet woke stiff and sore
for he walked rock littered paths and stony trails.
Trials because his desire outweighed simple comfort,
because he needed family comforts more
now that his love had joined her ancestors
and he was alone.

Passing traveler shared small red cushion; thin, worn;
never missing it, there were many more in his pack.
Yet ancient elder smiled, grateful. Cherished small comfort
and dreamed happier dreams. Next morning
small, worn pillow lay plump beneath his head.
He walked many miles that day.

Arriving in time for evening meal at home.
Children listened as he told his story.
History began that night.
Once again, he had naught
but thin, worn red pillow
but he knew what he knew.


Down-filled pillows grace where family joins
when gods allow for gatherings. Generations
honor elders who know what they know
and understand all there is, and more.
Always have one extra pillow because
even gods must rest their spirits.

Prompt for: Feb 7 (Fyn)
Subject or Theme: The Chinese have many gods, and many 'household' gods, each with their own myths surrounding them. Create a 'god of (something)' within a household or family and it's surrounding myth and what it represents. Opt for the unique and different.
Word(s) to Include: the word for what your god represents. (using the example below - sustenance) (or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): of, the, a, an, with, by, to (or any derivatives of these words)
Additional Parameters: find out what the name of the god would be; for example, the god of rice would be named: mĭfàn and the symbolism might be the god of sustenance. This will be the name of your poem as well; ie. Mĭfàn. AT LEAST 36 lines. DO check the Steam Room for helpful link to give you ideas. Be descriptive, creative.
Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.

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