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'Get someone else to do your dirty work'
'Leave me alone'
'Eve, c'mon just let me-' I began.
'Just go away' she turned around her eyes on fire.
'Eve just let me say something'
'Say what' she growled her arms crossed against her chest 'get someone else to do your dirty work'
'Why? You do it just fine' I shrugged my shoulders.
'Really? Well what if I told you that I DON'T WANT TO' she yelled.
'Why not? I'll pay you'
'I don't give a shit if you pay me or not?Ok? The answer is no and it's staying that way' her cheeks were red now 'Now get out, or I'll make you'
'Eve, c'mon it'll be fun'
'Yeah great fun jumping off another cliff and getting stabbed again!'
'Thats not going to happen again'
'What so this time I have to jump off a skyscraper?'
'No, Eve...Calm down'
'No, no I will not, until you bugger off'
'Just think about it.Ok?'
'The answer is NO!'
'sshh, Eve you don't have to shout'
'Obviously I do since you're so flipping deaf you can't hear my answer'
'So you're going to do the job?' I said smiling and before she could answer 'ok I'll see you tomorrow at my house'
'NO NO NO, shut up I am NOT doing whatever the job is'
'Thanks for volunteering Eve, goodbye'
'See you' I smiled and walked away.
'Never again' she hufffed.

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