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A fly and a cat. The standoff.
I was finally outside. The big person in the house finally opened the door, and I just flew right out and let out a sigh of relief. I have spent the past two hours perched on the ceiling, keeping a close eye on that deplorable cat. She is so patient, but so am I. Back and forth her paws went pacing on the floor under where I was. I dared not fly down, or she would get me. My wings fluttered as gently as I could manage. I thought that I was free the few times she went to eat or go into the big box in the corner, but in just seconds she was back at her vantage point watching for me to make a mistake. The people that she lived with didn't even notice me, and wondered why she was acting so strange. I was so tired.

One of them was a screamer when she saw me, so I was hoping the cat would take off at the next wail, but I remained unnoticed. It was intolerable. All I wanted was outside and away from that cat.

One of the people finally got up, and put on a large garment. He moved to the door and I prepared to fly. The door opened and I was out like a shot. The open air and safety left me so excited. The cat was in the window and watching me go.

Later, alligator.
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