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When two girls become princesses, the are being forced to change who they are.
Don’t Change Who I Am
By: Marium Asad

She felt a tug at her hair and then a twinge. Mary turned around to find a completely normal and crowded after school hallway, with the constant door opening and closing sending cold blasts of refreshing air to everyone. Subsequently, she looked down to see a few strands of hair on the floor. No, not just hair - her hair! Medium length, chestnut-brown strands of silky hair. Who pulled out my hair? She wondered.
“Ow!” yelled Macy, startling Mary out of her thoughts.
“What’s wrong?” Mary implored.
“Someone yanked my hair!” Macy didn’t bother lowering her voice and people sent funny glances their way. Mary looked down and noticed the pile of hair had become more massive.
“Someone yanked my hair too,” Mary stated, “but who?”
“If I ever encounter that person,” Macy quieted down before continuing, “ I’ll slaughter them.”
“Great. Now let’s get home before we are late for dinner.” Mary grabbed Macys arm and dragged her out of the building. She knew that if her twin was given the chance to torture someone - especially male - she would take it. Even as Mary dragged Macy to the exit, Macy was already launching icy daggers a people.
Two days later the girls found a surprise waiting for them on their doorstep. He was wearing a dark coat and black pants. His black hair crowned his pale face. His red eyes seemed to glow. Who has red eyes? Thought Macy in disgust.
“Hello,” his voice was deep, “my name is Sebastian. I suppose you to are Mary and Macy?”
Mary tightened her grip on the doorknob. She never saw this guy in her life and neither had she even heard of him, and she knew that they were not related. Both girls had brown eyes to match their chestnut hair and tan skin.
“Yes, we are.” Macy was the first one to speak,“ Why are you here?”
“May I speak with your parents?” he asked.
“Head right in and wait there.” Mary pointed towards the living room.
Mary and Macy headed to their room to let their parents talk with the stranger. After a while Macy became restless and suggested,
“Let’s eavesdrop.”
“Is that really necessary?” Mary sighed, “He is probably here to sell sofas.”
“Come on, it’ll be fun!”
“Okay, fine.” Mary hopped off her bed and both girls crept into the hallway.
“How can you tell for sure?” the girls mother was asking.
“I looked their DNA and -” Sebastian was cut off by the girls dad.
“How did you acquire their DNA?” the girls dad interjected.
“I took a strand of each of their hair at school.” Sebastian answered.
“Creep.” muttered Mary. Now it became evident that the their in the conversation was them- Mary and Macy.
“Shh.” whispered Macy, “Quiet. He collected our hair, and I’m killing him.”
“ My associate and I compared it with the other DNA sample that we had and found out that your daughters are the eldest grand-daughters of the queen.” Sebastian continued.
“What?” Yelped Mary and Macy in unison.
“Girls, what are you doing?”cried their mother.
“We were, uh, coming to, uh, talk to, uh,-” Mary stalled.
“We were coming to talk to this stranger who knew our names.” Macys voice was bold and she was daring Sebastian to challenge her glare.
“Well, here they are,” Sebastian frowned before continuing, “but princesses need a softer tone.”
“Tell us. Now. The whole thing from the start.” Mary let her glare settle on Sebastian. This was two seconds before the girls world went to hell. True, ‘perfect’ wasn’t the most precise word to describe the girls life, but the girls didn’t want anything else. They were straight A student's and could ace tests without studying, so that permitted the girls more free time than they needed. While Macy watched anime and read manga, Mary read novels and composed dark poetry. Despite their divergent interests, they had a lot in common. Like being a little sexist and both of them had a thirst for spoiled blood. They wanted to spoil blood. Both girls were a bit psychopathic. Now, Sebastian dropped a bomb on their almost perfect life.
“About a century ago,” he began,“a young girl ran away from a war zone. People were fighting over territory and her family had been killed. She married and found a small, peaceful place to live. Soon, they began to cure soldiers and in return for saving their lives, the soldiers stopped fighting in the war and lived in the little town. Soon, it became a village and then, a city and then a network of small cities. One day, a spy found these cities and told one of the war generals. The next morning, the army laid siege. The queen did not have an army. Before she died, she had instructed one of my ancestors to wait one hundred years and subsequently find her eldest granddaughter. At the age of twenty-two, that granddaughter would become queen. So here we are.”
Both girls were utterly bored. Neither of them liked politics or history. They didn’t genuinely care about dresses and fancy parties either. To them, the idea of a queen and princesses was dull. If it was tyrant, though, their eyes would have sparkles in them. Macy sat on the sofa picking at the threads on the rolled arms. Mary blew a stand of hair out of her eyes asking,
“So what now? Are we, what was it again, queens?”
“Not until you turn twenty-two.” Sebastian answered and then turning to the girls parents, “ Is there anywhere I can stay? It’s been a long journey here, and I want to watch the princesses.”
“Seriously? What a creep. Ew.” Mary muttered but no one except Macy could hear or comprehend what she said and both girls burst into giggles.
“The guest room is ready. We have to leave to a business meeting after breakfast and won’t come back for a week. Breakfast is at-” the girls mother started.
“Breakfast is at nine sharp.” Mary interrupted. She motioned to Macy and both girls ran into their room.
“Why nine? You know we leave for school at seven fifty.” Macy questioned.
“That guy is a creep. Wonder why mom and dad permit him to stay. They probably think he is mental or something and feel sorry for him. I want to be long gone by the time he wakes up. Wait until our friends hear this! Wonder what Aliciya will say. See you in the morning. I already completed my homework and it’s getting late.” Mary ranted and flopped into bed. Macy sighed but climbed into her own bed anyways. She knew that Mary ranted whenever something was wrong. Macy only wondered what it could be.
“No kidding? You’re actually not joking?” Sarah asked.
“Nope, we’re not. It’s all true. If that guy is not a phony.” Mary and Macy were filling their friends in on what happened yesterday.
“Wow. Now you guys are going to be even more of tyrants than you usually are.” Aliciya remarked. Mary and Macy looked at each other, contemplating the idea.
While the girls were walking home from school, there was a sharp squeal of tires and a black limousine pulled up beside the girls. The front window rolled down to reveal Sebastian at the driver's seat.
“Hop in. Princesses shouldn’t be walking.” his voice was deeper than usual, as if he was disappointed in them.
“Excuse me?” Mary asked.
“We are fourteen.” Macy declared.
“We are old enough to walk to school,”
“By ourselves,”
“Even if we wanted,”
“Or needed,”
“A ride,”
“We would have already,”
“Asked our parents!”
“So drive back under the rock you came from!” cried both girls together.
“Come on. Just get in the car already. I mean it.” Sebastian flinched.
“We said leave!” Macy yelled. Then both girls took off running into an alleyway. From there they entered a corner store and left from the back entrance. The ran into another store and out the back entrance of that one. Now they were four blocks over and both girls trekked homeward on s different route.
When they got to their apartment building, another nasty surprise was waiting. There was a moving truck in the parking lot. While Mary fumbled with the keys for the door to enter their apartment building, she mixed it up with the key to enter their apartment. Meanwhile, Ms.Clara, the girls neighbor opened the door for them.
“Good evening girls.” she was frowning, but usually greeted the girls with a smile.
“Good evening Ms.Clara. Although I can’t say you look happy.” Macy replied.
“What’s wrong?” Mary inquired.
“I received a notice on my door telling me that the whole building had been bought and I needed to move before the new owners settled in,” she sighed, “it was signed ‘Sebastian’.”
The girls gasped, their eyes widening, and all they could hear was the engine of the moving truck.
“No way,” Macy breathed,
“that same creep commanded us to get in his car!”
“Go home girls. I’m moving in with my brother. I will send letters letting you know I have arrived there safely. Oh, and Mary dear?”
“Yes?” Mary answered Ms.Clara.
“Good luck with the keys!” Ms.Clara winked and left.Macy covered her mouth to detain from laughing until Ms.Clara was out of earshot, while Mary’s cheeks flashed bright pink.
“Good going genius! Great work!”Macy was bent over, clutching her stomach and laughing until she wheezed and got the hiccups. Mary’s cheeks only darkened in embarrassment.
“Oh, shut up.” Mary complained, but a smile was playing on her lips.
“Girls, princesses cannot be rude. I can’t believe you do not know basic manners or conduct.” a deep voice lectured them.
The girls didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. Mary’s exclamation of ‘run!’ barely reached their ears and both girls were off at the speed of sound. They made more noise than usual, storming up the stairs and when they reached their apartment, Mary miraculously managed to jam the right key in the doorknob, even though Macy could’ve sworn Mary had been forever staring at her keys since Ms.Clara left. The key clicked and both girls burst into their apartment, gasping for breath. Macy slammed the door shut, and Mary locked it. For a second they just stood there-until they heard a click and the door slithered open a crack. Both girls looked at each other with frantic eyes before throwing themselves against the door.
“Where did you get a key?” Mary demanded.
No answer.
“Get lost!” Macy yelled.
“Let me in girls.” Sebastian enunciated.
“Can you hold the door for a second? I’ll be right back.” Mary whispered.
Sebastian felt weight shifting on the other side of the door and thought that the girls had given up. When he pushed, however, the door held but it made Macy’s thigh scream in pain from holding the weight alone. Annoying girls, thought Sebastian, but at least I can confront my colleague. Sebastian straightened and left. Just then Mary returns with a padlock and heaps of fabric.
“What’s that for?” Macy nodded at the fabric overflowing in Mary’s arms.
“First we bolt the door and then we set up the snare.” Mary replied and then set to work.
In a few minutes the door was bolted and there was a web of fabric in which unlucky Sebastian would be caught in. So the girls went to their room to wait.
In the meantime Sebastian was meeting with his colleague in the parking lot.
“I can’t believe it!” cried Sebastian frustrated.
“What now?” asked his colleague.
“Those girls are impossible. I can’t believe I have to marry them off. My grandfather was the Queen’s advisor and if I make sure the bloodline isn’t lost again I get two billion! Why can’t these girls be like other girls? Dying to get married and go to parties in gowns?”
“That’s why I’m here. I assist you and we split the money.”
“How do I make sure that the family tree doesn’t get lost when both girls go their opposite ways after getting married?”
“That’s a problem. Why don’t you get rid of one of them?”
“Call it an ‘accident’ and be the cause of it.”
“You know what?” Sebastian smiled, “That’s a good idea.”
Behind him, out of hearing range, in sight line, Mary was watching from the girls bedroom window.
“That creep.” Mary muttered, looking out the window.
“What’s he doing?” Macy was lying down on her black and red blanket on her bed on the right side of the room. There was black wallpaper all around the room and a shelf also went all around the room. On that shelf were electric candles and those candles were the girls main source of light. The other source was the window, which was bigger than a patio screen door. One wall had a bookshelf and closet and the right side of the room had Marys bed.
“He’s talking to a random person.” Mary replied.
“Ugh. He is so annoying.” Macy whined.
“Didn’t you notice anything weird?”
“Like what?”
“Like how he got to our apartment? There are two doors, and to open the first one, the visitor has to ring a buzzer. If the apartment number they rang answers the buzzer, then the door opens. He never rang a buzzer. Even if we did leave the door open where did he get a key from? Mom and dad have one key, and we have the other. There are only two copies of the key to our apartment. Why is he so hell bent on changing us? He said we won’t become queens until twenty-two. So why the rush? I know plenty about tyrant rulers. He still wants us to change? What is it to him? Popularity? Reputation?”
Macy tugged at her hair before replying, “I don’t know. All I know is I want him to go die in a hole.”
“Take down the snare but leave the padlock. I’m going to go cut carrots to make a salad.” Mary sighed and left.
Macy frowned, but got up and took down the snare anyways. Afterwards, she found Mary in the kitchen, slicing carrots with the largest knife they owned.
Thud, thud, thud.
“Why the biggest knife?” Macy asked.Thud, thud, thud.
“Carrots are harder than most vegetables.” Macy knew Mary was lying. Her twin never thought clearly when she was outraged.
Thud, thud, thud.
“Maybe I can help. I’m the older one.” Macy offered.
“By three seconds.” Mary’s knife continued going thud, thud, thud.
Macy walked to the cupboard to get a knife to help Mary.
Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, clangor!
The loud clatter caused both girls to turn around. Standing in the door frame of the kitchen, was Sebastian. He just stood there, surveying the scene.
“Girls, maids cook for princesses,” Sebastian was launching into a lecture when Macy interrupted.
“Oh, shut up! Get lost! Stay away from us! Or else I’ll execute you!” Macy started screaming while Mary rolled her eyes and resumed chopping carrots. Thud, thud, thud.
“Come on, I’ve hired a seamstress to make some decent dresses. Otherwise, no suitors will come.” Sebastian continued.
Thud. Mary’s knife went still.
“Suitors?” Did I hear right? Mary wondered.
“Yes, what else?” Sebastian questioned.
“Why you…” Macy started but this time it was Macy who blew her top.
“You idiot! We are never-and I mean never- getting married! Not on your life! Not for our pride, honor, and dignity! We will not get married! Nope never!” Mary stopped to take a breath, and Macy continued for her.
“She’s right! We refuse to get married!” Macy exclaimed.
Mary felt nothing but anger ripping through her. She acted without thinking, acting out of pure anger and hatred, her arm swinging behind her head causing a few strands of hair to fly. The knife in her hand made a shadow on the floor and a few seconds later, the shadow moved, the knife no longer in Mary’s hand. It was whizzing through the air, flying before Mary realized what she had done.
Mary had always been a good shot. Especially at throwing and aiming. She had gone to archery club and hit almost all the targets. She was also the best pitcher in baseball. No batter could hit the ball even though it flew right by the bat. In dodgeball, no one dodged her ball.
The only reason the knife didn’t hit Sebastian right in the heart was because Mary had acted repulsively. Instead, it hit him on the arm and by instinct he grabbed it only making the knife push in deeper into his flesh. Macy still hadn’t lost her senses-as bad as she lost her temper- and immediately ran for the first aid kit. Instead of wrapping up Sebastian’s arm, Macy threw the first aid kit and it hit Sebastian square in the head, knocking him into the already large pool of scarlet blood. Each drop fell into the puddle making a plop as it hit the floor, sending small ripples and scattering the blood even further.
“Help yourself!” Macy set her voice to a cheerful tone, and then dragged an open mouthed, wide eyed, frozen-in-shock Mary back to their room.
“Come on, tomorrow Aliciya and Sarah are coming over. We usually get together on Saturdays remember? We need to get ready. There are decorations to be put up and food to be made.” Macy rambled on.
Slowly, Mary came back to life and in an hour the house was spotless, emblazoned, and ready for tomorrow's festivities, which included a few board games like chess and snakes and ladders. There were books, magazines, novels and just laughing over small talk. The girls were heading to the kitchen to take care of food for the party when the buzzer rang.
There was a panel in the wall with two buttons, a microphone, and a speaker. One button allowed the tenants to talk with the person at the building door. The second button opens that door. Both girls ran to the panel, and Mary pushed the talk button.
“Hi, who is this?” Macy asked into the microphone.
“The seamstress.” a voice answered, crackling through the speakers.
Mary and Macy looked at each other, then Mary pushed the button to open the door downstairs. Macy ran to their apartment door and opened it. About two minutes later the doorway occupied the seamstress. She wore an emerald green dress that went below her knees. It matched her green eyes perfectly. The dress seemed to be made out of velvet and the color changed shades here and there.
“Hi.” the seamstress was holding a large box in her arms, “I’m Abigail.”
After quick introductions and some background information on both sides, the girls led Abigail into the living room. Abigail put the huge box on the coffee table and shook out her arms.
“Girls, you’re having a party tomorrow. So it’s good Abigail dropped by today.” Sebastian regarded Abigail and then paused to address the box on the coffee table. “Does that include the dresses I asked you to make?”
“The box belongs to Abigail. Bug off!” Macy had a flat voice until the last two words. Sebastian frowned but left anyways.
“Just curious, what’s in the box?” Mary requested.
“I’ll show you!” Abigail opened the box and pulled out two identical dresses. Endless meters of white, sleek silk poured onto the floor, lace embroidered the edges. The sleeves loosened at the end of the polyester sleeves to create the resemblance of a flower.
“Pretty, I’ll be honest.” Macy broke the silence.
“Wow! I can’t believe you made that!” Mary exclaimed.
“You should wear it.” Sebastian reappeared.
“Why?” questioned Macy.
“It looks better for princesses. You need to stop wearing those rags.” He pointed to the girls mini dresses. Macy was wearing a blue jersey mini dress that went to her knees and had black polka dots on it. Marys was the same except the color was purple with black polka dots.
“It’s more toilsome to torture in a dress.” Macy whined.
“The dresses we have are special, because we can be tyrants in them. They have special pockets for knives and guns. I thought we told you to bug off…” Mary recalled, “Get out before we throw you out ourselves!”
At that, Sebastian left, with a flashback of the knife coming at him at the speed of light.
Mary turned to Abigail and described her dress.
“We have to be able to move freely and torture people in it.”At Marys comment, Abigail thought these girls hadn’t gotten enough sleep.
“Please don’t let it suffocate us!” Macy had encountered a dress like that before. Mary had always liked dresses that hung off the girls shoulders loosely. Macy, unfortunately, picked a tight one instead.
“Make it black non-stick jersey. Add silver lace at the edges and on the shoulder. The rest of it should be plain. It should look like were attending a funeral, but in a mini dress. Make it loose please and thank you.”
“Same thing for me.” Macy added. Abigail took a few measurements and then left, saying the dresses would be ready in a few days. It was already night, so the girls turned in. Sebastian slipped into the parking lot to meet his colleague a few minutes before dawn.
“Those two girls are stuck together with glue.” Sebastian told his colleague.
“Then instead of separating them and getting rid of one of them, we’ll have to do something that affects both of them and then save one of them.” his colleague replied.
“Good idea. It might work.” Sebastian saw a the sun glow behind the apartment building and got an idea.
The next morning, the girls trudged downstairs to greet their friends at the buildings door.
“Why aren’t you wearing your dresses?” Sebastian asked.
“We turned them back.” Macy shrugged off Sebastian’s glare.
“Princesses need to dress decently in front of their guests.” Sebastian lectured.
“They’re our friends! We don’t want you hanging around the house like a honeybee to flowers!
Go to the movies or whatever! Just leave us alone!” Mary responded. Just then Macy noticed Aliciya turn into view, jogging towards the entrance wearing a pink sequined shirt and jeans. Sarah was right behind her wearing a sky blue cotton shirt with velvet navy leggings.
“Here they are!” cried Macy.
“Hi Mary! Hi Macy!” Aliciya called jovially.
“Hi you two!” Sarah expressed with a smile.
“ That is not how you greet princesses! Don’t you have any common sense or manners? You’re just selfish peasants!” Sebastian scolded sharply.
“Stop! You have no right to degrade our guests!”
“You can’t call them peasants! At least they have brain cells! You belong in the sewer! Go die. I don’t care! Just leave! Before we kill you and get rid of you forever!” yelled Macy. With that, all four girls went up the stairs to the apartment.
After an hour, the girls had already forgotten about Sebastian and were engrossed in a game of snakes and ladders. After the game and a few snacks, Sebastian came back into the conversation.
“He’s a creep!” exclaimed Sara.
“I agree.” added Aliciya.
“He’s also annoying.” Macy whined. Then they all began describing Sebastian.
“Guys, stop backbiting!” Mary interjected.
“That’s not how you say it!” Aliciya remarked.
“Yeah, it’s ‘back-bit-ting’ not ‘back-bite-ing’!” Sarah declared.
“See Mary, you’re not the only one good at english!” Macy laughed because Mary was always getting the highest grades in English class.
Mary choked on her diet coke while facepalming.
“I still don’t trust him.” Macy claimed.
“Neither do I.” Mary agreed.
Ring! Ring!
“Hold on,” Mary answered her phone, “Hello?”
“Mary! Hello dear.” Marys mom replied.
“Hi, mom! How is the meeting?”
“Boring, honestly. Sorry we left without saying good-bye!”
“It’s alright. We didn’t want you to be late.”
“I’m worried about you and Macy.”
“Why mom?”
“Mom, please. Don’t worry about that idiot , have a great meeting.”
“Okay sweetie, talk to you later.”
“Bye mom!” Mary hung up the phone.
After a while, Sarah and Aliciya left. The girls went to their room and finished up some work before going to bed. In the meantime, Sebastian was coming home from the convenience store. He had bought a few real candles and some matches. He parked the car and went to the girls apartment. He put his ‘key’ in the keyhole and slowly turned it, dreading the click that would indicate that the door was open. He moved as slow as possible to minimize the sound. Leaning against the door, the dreaded click came, and Sebastian stole softly to the girls room. Outside the moon was playing hide-and-seek with the clouds. The clock ticked and the hour and minute hands lined up at twelve. Sebastian tried the girls door but, it wouldn't open. It didn’t matter-Sebastian bent down and set a candle beside the door. Taking a match, he swiped it once, twice, thrice, and the match lit on fire. He put it to the candle wick and the wick sizzled and set on fire. Sebastian slowly carved out the wax to make the candle identical to the electric ones in the girls room. Sebastian picked up the lit candle and flipped it upside down. Wax slowly dripped onto the floor making a soft plop! as it hit the floor. Slowly Sebastian lowered the candle. His hand could feel heat searing up his fingers. Slowly the candle neared the maroon carpeted floor and Sebastian dropped the candle. Then he slipped out of the apartment. Inside the girls room, a yellow glow was seeping out from under the door.
Mary saw lights dancing before opening her eyelids. On the roof, tendrils of smoke billowed and Mary smelled something burning before sitting up straight and surveying the room. Flickering flames licked at the walls and bookshelves. The flames glowing orange and red with a faint yellow aura leapt all over the carpet. The flames danced and moved almost as if they were on stage in a musical. All right, nice dream brain, now wake me up! Mary thought. The heat became suffocating, almost more than the fire. The fire crackled and a golden spark landed on Mary’s leg and burnt a large strip of Marys pants and a chunk of flesh as it turned into a flame. Mary felt the heat scorch up and down her leg. Mary’s blood curdling scream was heard a block away.
Mary threw off the covers and ran for the door. When she flung it open she saw the candle, wax all melted, on the floor. Mary knew that she and Macy didn’t own any real candles. Macy.
“Macy! Macy wake up!” Mary cried, oh why are you a deep sleeper?
“Macy! Macy! Macy wake up!” Mary tried to hobble over to her bed but someone grabbed her wrist. Mary turned around to face… Sebastian. She tugged, but he wouldn’t let go.
“Let me go!” Mary yelled.
“Don’t worry. Macy will be fine! Just trust me!” Sebastian pulled Mary out of the apartment and the building, and Mary's leg made it hard for her to fight back. The flesh on her leg was scalded and black, and a spot of white bone was starting to show as more flesh rotted away. Nevertheless, Mary found strength from somewhere and took her free hand and punched Sebastian right in the face. Sebastian doubled over and loosened his grip on Marys wrist. She yanked away and then heard a small clatter. Turning around she saw a few objects that seemed to have fallen from Sebastians pocket. Mary bent down to get a better look, ignoring Sebastians cry of “Don’t!”. There was a lockpick, a few matches, and...candle wax and wick. Everything came back to Mary so fast she became dizzy before understanding what was going on.
“Macy!” Mary shrieked, half running, half hopping, to the building.
“Stop!” Sebastian called after her, “Trust me!”
“Why should I? You just tried to kill us!” Mary yelled over her shoulder before unlocking the first door with Sebastian’s lockpick and dashing up the stairs. There was no smoke here, as it all wafted upward and the fire had started on the third floor. There was a crash, and Mary knew the fire was spreading. As she reached the apartment door, there was no need for a key as the door was already half burnt. For some weird not understandable reason there was more smoke than fire. As in, way more smoke. That only happened if… an attempt to put out the fire had started. Mary cocked her head and listened. No sirens, no fire trucks. That meant… Macy was putting out the fire.
“Macy, I know who started the-” Mary stopped due to being drenched with water. Macy was clutching a half full bucket in her hands.
“Sorry! Sorry! I was trying to create a path!” Macy apologized.
“Uh… no problem. Go open the windows and tear down the curtains! I’ll get the water hose! Hurry!” Mary blasted off to the kitchen after hurriedly saying that. Mary attached the hose to the kitchen faucet, coughing, she sprayed the whole kitchen before moving to the bedrooms. Macy opened all the windows and tore down the curtains to cover the flames. Mary appeared and hosed down the remaining flames. Within a few minutes, both girls had put out the fire with minimal damage to the house. Mainly it was the beds, the carpet, and the doors that needed to be repaired and replaced. As for the girls closet, they could go shopping tomorrow.
“I promise I’ll assasinate him.” Marys voice was dangerously soft, yet terrifying at the same time, a sign that she was really angry. Macy paused while wrapping Marys leg.
“I agree, but Mary think. Why now? And how?” Macy replied.
“He started the fire. He wanted to kill us.”
“He did?!” Macy was shocked.
“He wants to make sure we marry by exterminating us? Either he’s a total idiot or his having self-arguments.”
“Mary please… think clearly.”
“I am. I will kill him. I promise to slaughter him.”
“You’ve never broken a promise in your life.”
The next morning Mary was up before the sun's warmth had hit the earth's surface. The air was musty from the fire. Mary got up and rummaged around in her closet. There was enough for a small trap. Then she went into the guest room.
Despite having bought the whole building, Sebastian didn’t leave the girls alone. That was partly because Mary and Macy had mailed all the tenants keys back to them and told them to come back in a month. Sebastians doorway seemed to swallow Mary with dread because she knew anything that she found in there would cause nothing but more trouble. Dread stayed at Marys heels as she walked into the room. She found empty drawers and a case for contacts. No wonder his eyes are red, Mary realized. In the last drawer of the nightstand, Mary found a caseless, thin android. Sebastians phone. Marys heart skipped a beat. With a shaking hand, she pressed the on button. No passcode. Just a swipe-left-to-open screen. Now that his phone was open where would she find the best information? E-mails? Calls? Messages? Messages, Mary decided. The page opened up to the latest chat he had. Mary began to read out loud.
“Sebastian, all this for two billion? Yes.” read the messages.
Two billion?
“What two billion?” Mary turned around to find Macy in the doorframe.
“Macy listen. I found Sebastians phone. I’m reading his most recent messages with, um, private number. Yes, that’s what the label reads. Anyways listen.” Mary started to read, “All this for two billion? Yes. Aren’t human lives worth more than money? You are getting a billion too. Sebastian think about the deal: marry off the girls and make sure that they’re family tree doesn’t get lost. It’s easier to follow one girl but, the fire didn’t work. All right, I’ll meet you Sunday at noon.” Mary looked up, “That’s all.”
“Who is he texting?” Macy asked.
“I have a pretty good idea. We have lots of time until noon. Come on let’s get ready.” Mary reached under Sebastians bed, and felt her hand run over something smooth, connected to a small rope. Mary pulled out a long red cylinder and smiled.
At noon, both girls were ready. They were hiding around the corner of the building. Right on time, a navy blue car pulled into a parking slot. The driver, the same person Mary saw talking to Sebastian, stepped out.
“Knew it!” whispered Mary. Both girls watched as he took a step and - bam! He landed face first on the pavement. Macy rushed forward and slammed him against the car, while Mary tied him up in fabric, before he could recover. Macy put him in a chokehold.
“What-cough-d-do you want from me?” He squeaked.
“Your name?” Macy inquired.
“Profession? And Macy, let him breathe.” Mary questioned. Macy loosened her grip.
“None. How did you know where to put the tripwire?”
“Every time you talked to Sebastian, every day I looked out the window, your car was in the same spot, same position. Now, what were you scheming with Sebastian?” Mary was observant.
“Well, I agreed to help him, and he agreed to split the money.”
“Do you have any family or friends?” Macy asked the most important question.
“No. Everyone except my mother was dead before I was born . She died after I was born. Sebastian is my only friend.”
“Where did Sebastian go after the fire?”
“The forest. Said he needed time to plan.”
“Be more specific.” Macy warned, “or else I’ll strangle you.”
“Enter the forest to the right of your building. Go on th small trail. Go left after one hundred meters. After three hundred meters, go right. Keep going straight and you’ll reach a fork in the road. Don’t go left or right. Go straight off the path. After another hundred meters or so, you’ll find him.”
“You’re free.” Mary winked at Macy and she let go. Mary untied the fabric.
Tamlin looked at both girls, unsure. Remembering Macys chokehold he ran for the exit. The parking lot had only one exit and entrance. Tamlin had only one way to run. Mary and Macy turned, and headed towards their buildings when there was a scream and something exploded, sending red and orange fumes blossoming into the sky behind the girls. The girls paused, turned back, and walked to the source of the explosion. Mary had found lots of red cylinders under Sebastians bed. They were dynamite. Now standing over Tamlins body, Mary knew it had been a good choice to take that dynamite. His corpse was bleeding, one eye dangling out of the socket, and his leg was bent under him. An arm that had torn off in the explosion was lying a few inches away. Both girls buried him in the local cemetery. In a few hours, no one could tell a murder had been committed. No one knew about Tamlin except Sebastian and the girls. Soon, he would be forgotten. So would Sebastian. In an even more painful way.
It was twilight when the girls entered the forest. Their arms were full of thick ropes and a large wooden wheel. In their backpack they had a few knives and energy bars. There was also a shovel. The girls followed Tamlin’s directions, knowing that even if he lied, he was dead now, and he deserved it for lying. Sebastian would still want the money and come after the girls anyways. The girls boots were crunching the leaves, and the air was sweet and fresh. Somewhere off in the distance, crickets were chirping. A full moon shined, and the trees cast shadow that loomed over the girls, hiding them from view. Each girl had worn black, so they wouldn’t be spotted easily. The girls neared the spot Tamlin had told them about. When they arrived they could see an orange tent.
“Orange is the most noticeable color in a forest, what an idiot!” Mary rolled her eyes as both girls crept closer, and set up their trap.
After the trap was set, Macy went behind the tent and took out two stakes and then the tent capsized. The girls heard Sebastians cry of “What’s going on?” before he crawled out of the tent.He glared at the girls.
“What do you want?” his voice was deeper than usual.
“You wanted to kill us. We want revenge.” Mary leaned against a tree.
Sebastian dove back into the tent and came out holding a .45 caliber gun.
“Behind the trees!” yelled Mary. Mary and Macy took cover as Sebastian fired off a round. Macy could feel the air pushed by the bullets and the deafening booms made when the bullets crashed into the trees. Sebastian took a few steps forward and snapped the branch Mary had put in the middle of the little grove. As soon as Macy heard it crack she yelled, “Now!”
Mary pulled a rope from the tree she was hiding behind, and Macy appeared behind Sebastian and whacked him with a branch in the back of his head. Startled, he dropped the gun. As soon as he dropped it, Mary took one of his hands and tied the rope from his hand, looped around the tree, and tied to the wooden wheel. Macy did the same with his other hand but with a tree opposite to the one Mary had used.
The girls did the same with his legs.
“Now what?” spat Sebastian.
Macy took a knife and began circling Sebastian, swinging the knife as she went.
“Answer our questions. Honestly.” Mary demanded.
“Why should I?” Sebastian muttered. At that Macy put the knife above his collar bone, right at the base of his neck.Sebastian went rigid.
“Good. Now, any family or friends?” Mary asked.
“Liar.” Macy pushed the knife into his skin, causing blood to dribble down his neck.
“We met Tamlin.” Mary offered.
“Fine. No family. My only friend is Tamlin.” Sebastian answered.
“So no one will care if you die. No one will notice that you’re missing.” Macy whispered menacingly.
“Why were you in a rush to get two billion?” Mary interrogated.
“If you guys got to the bank first, you would get the money. If I went, I would get the money.”
“We’re not giving you mercy to a quick death. No knife, no gun. Do it Macy.” Mary smiled.
Macy dropped the knife and went to the wheel. She began to pull and turn the wheel. The rope began to groan and pull Sebastians limbs.
“What-” Sebastian started. Macy continued to pull and turn the wheel. The ropes pulled too, stretching Sebastian. He began screaming.
“Stop!” he begged, “Augh!”
Mary ran to Macy and they both began to turn the wheel. There was a rip and Sebastians right sleeve began to tear at the shoulder.
“Slower Macy! Make it hurt more!” screamed Mary.
“Don’t!” Sebastian struggled in the ropes, but they held.
There was a sickening crunch as Sebastians arm was torn off and was hung limply by the rope.
“Please stop!” Sebastian pleaded.
He began to scream. There was the tear of tissue and muscle and all of his limbs began stretching. The ropes had cut into Sebastians wrists and ankles leaving deep marks. All his limbs tore out. A deep voice sent a high pitched scream into the sky and stilled the air. There was no more sound, just the ripple of water in some lake a little bit away from the grove in the trees. The silence thickened, as Sebastian - or what was left of him - fell to the ground, making a small thunk as his dismembered body started staining the grass with sticky blood, the color of deep maroon, just like the girls carpet before it burnt. As the blood drained out rivers, branching out everywhere, his face became whiter than the full moon in the cloudless sky. His shoulders were nothing but bloody stumps.The girls had wished on a shooting star to see Sebastian die, and tonight, the stars twinkled so brightly they threatened to explode. The sickening crunch that Sebastians limbs had made was etched into the girls minds forever. Mary checked her watch. The girls birthday, and Sebastian's death: Midnight.

7 years later…
Mary and Macy walked to the little grove where they had buried Sebastian. Macys shovel went thunk! As she piled up the dirt from his grave. Thunk! The last piece of dirt was piled onto the side and they could see Sebastians rotting skull. Decomposers were crawling all over the clothes, flesh and bones. A horrid stench came out of the little grave. Mary took out a small piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to Macy. Macy and Mary held the paper together and lowered it into the grave. Then, Macy refilled the grave and taking her twins hand, Mary and Macy walked out of the little grove, into pink fluffy clouds and a purple sky, with bluebirds tweeting songs into the air to celebrate their 22nd birthday, and their first day as queens, letting the two billion dollar check rot in the grave alongside Sebastian.

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