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A breakup letter, an entry for the Pretty Pesky Prompts.
Dear – oh, what am I saying? You're not dear to me. Not anymore! Before you get angry, let me explain.

I can't stand you standing over my shoulder like you so often do. I can only write those few moments you're out of the house. I just can't take it anymore. You and me? We just weren't meant to be, I guess. Maybe you could find someone else to hang out with. I know several people who don't write. But I have to write. I just have to.

What did I say a moment ago? Don't get mad? Actually, I'm fine if you don't like it. It's okay if you have a tantrum like a toddler. I don't mind. We won't be together anymore, so I won't hear it.

I'm sorry this couldn't work out. Wait, no, I got that wrong. I'm not sorry this couldn't work out. And I'm not afraid we'll have to break up, I know it. I never liked you in the first place. You are like a smooth, white wall. There's no inspiration in it. Even with my imagination, I couldn't think of a single idea for the last chapters of my book that is due in two weeks !

So, I will say it again, we are done. Finished. There is no "us" anymore. Writer's Block and Abby Gayle are no longer a team. I know that innocent, blank look you'll have on your face, but I won't fall for it. Not this time. So go! Get out of my life!

Yours affectionately
Hate you forever,

Abby Gayle

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