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When people choose their mark, it represents a part of them.
The Lion is a strong animal. The King of the Jungle, it is titled. It is very fitting for her. This girl wore the animal upon her shoulder, a tattoo darkening her alabaster skin. Many people find lions to be fiercest when roaring. But, with her tattoo, you see the raw power a lion holds when just sitting around. Many ancient cultures viewed it as a symbol of protection and intelligence. The creature leading the chariots of Greek Gods. The embodiment of the Hindu god, Vishnu. The representation of the ferocious heat of the Sun, protector of the Sun God, Ra in Egypt. The girl wore it like armor. Letting the lion fulfill its destiny as protector. Protecting this girl from anything that might come to harm her. That is what he likes about her. The animal she chose to be her savior and symbol was not soft like the other girls their age chose. She does not wish to fly away with the paper thin wings of a butterfly or only fight with the short claws of a house cat. No, she was a leader, a fighter, just like the tattoo on her shoulder. He could not help but chuckle a little though, of all large cats, she chose a lion, not only because of the power of the animal, but also because her hair matches that of the mane all male lions bear. Wild, and untamed. Curls frame her small face, making her look like the majestic animal she has paired herself with. She fits very well with him and his family. He chose a wolf. Both animals relayed on a pack. He had to follow the choice of his family, taking on the wolf. But, he couldn't help but feel the pull towards this strong girl, with a mark much different from his own. A wild feline and a wild canine. Matched in wits and in strength. His parents were upset about the match, for in his family they had been wolves for many generations, there actually hasn't been a member of his family, his pack, that hadn't been a wolf, until now. Everyone has heard of the lion whom sleeps among wolves, unafraid; for the wolves know that a lion lies among them.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2148479