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Original Draft idea for adventure fantasy novel inspired by my wife and mines journey.
The Adventures of The Princess and the Squire

by: James Lee Nunn


This is a book about a boy who never thought he'd find someone to love and a girl who feared she'd never know what it was like to be truly loved. My wife and I have been married four months and 3 days today but we've been together for a lot longer. Sometimes I feel like we've known each other life times. That's probably the answer most couples give, of course whether it's meant in a good way or bad can often depend. In my case I mean it in the good. Though our story may not be quite adventurous or grand a tale as other love stories, I feel to us it is an exciting thing. I wanted to take time to share the accounts and memories of the adventure that is meeting and falling in love with the woman I married, and plan on spending the rest of my days with. I've never felt confident in my ability to write romance. I've always strayed towards harrowing tales of action and adventure. So if the book sometimes takes a grand unexpected turn don't be too alarmed. Thanks for taking the time and interest to learn about my princess and the squire dreaming of knighthood she'd wed.

Chapter 1: The Yellow Bear

I rubbed my hands to keep them warm as my brother and I waited patiently in the church parking lot. Tonight was the night of the church's yearly trip to the Renfro Valley Christmas Show. My brother stood a little ways away talking to one of his friends. I loved Christmas and the church trip but this year for myself was not looking so eventful. My friends Sir Sanders, Knight of the Storm; and Sir Edwards, Knight of Bats were neither one going to make the trip this year. They were busy with work. So it was looking like I for the most part would be hanging out alone.
When the church bus had finally picked up any remaining passengers and made it to the church parking lot we were more than ready to get going. As I climbed onto the church bus, I noticed Lady Jones and she offered a spot next to her for me to sit. Lady Jones at this time was dating Sir Sanders. The relationship wasn't perfect but no one really knew all the details other than that the two had been together for quite some time. I had met Lady Jones a few times when she would attend church or when we would all hang out together, but I hadn't ever really gotten to know her. I mean she was one of the most beautiful women in the land, what with her flowing golden hair to her shining sapphire eyes. She had a slender feminine figure that would turn the head of any man king, knight, or peasant. She held model-like features and had a shyness about her that only added to her appeal. However, all this in mind, I wasn't about to intrude on a couple's relationship, especially that of a friend; even if it was a rocky one.
Tonight, however, she had attended the trip alone. I didn't think to ask why at the time. All I knew was something had changed from the time I was pacing worrying about my lack of excitement for the trip this year, to the moment I walked onto the bus and our eyes met. Somehow I knew this night things were changing for the way we would see one another. We talked a little on the way to Renfro Valley. I've always been one for cutting jokes and trying to make people laugh. Lady Jones had a smile and laugh that could make the whole world feel like it was moving in slow motion and warming your soul at the same time. So I did my best to bring that smile out. It was a rare thing to see that kinda sparkle or light in her eyes. At the time I wished I could have saved it forever.
When we arrived the night progressed with a prepared dinner for the church in one of the Valley restaurants. Dinner was fantastic as always home cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and rolls. All in good company of Lady Jones and the other church folk or tourists. Renfro Valley was beautiful this time of year with all the lights and decorations. Neither of us being real big social butterflies and having no one else there to really stick with, Lady Jones and I stayed near each other and spent a lot of conversation getting to know one another better. Now keep in mind again it was not in no way attempts at wooing each other. At this time I was fairly certain neither she or I had or ever expected to look at each other with deep connection or feelings for one another. When the dinner was over everyone was free to roam around and look in the small shops and old timey buildings in the small Renfro Valley Village. So side by side Lady Jones and I set out.
In between the village and the dining hall was a short tunnel. It was dark out but the tunnel was lit with an orange glow of a light bulb inside. As we made our way down the steps to the tunnel we saw a monstrous creature. A large bear with slick yellow fur stood in the middle of the tunnel. I put an arm up in front of Lady Jones. "Sshh, stay back and I'll do what I can to protect you from him," I said trying to sound braver than I was feeling. The bear breathed with a low heavy growl as it stared me in the eyes. I had no idea how I was to defeat him. I was but a squire having never yet reached knighthood or completed my knightly training. I had to do something though, I had to defend the lady and make safe passage for us to the village.
I suddenly noticed an advantage I possessed over the bear; the roof of the tunnel was not very high leaving the bear no room to stand and get a good strike at me. The majority of his strength and attacks would be reduced to charges. My days of joust training had prepared me for at least this much. I grabbed a long branch laying nearby and held it in a lancing position. The bear backed up and snorted. He then let out a monstrous roar as he charged forward from the other side of the tunnel. I too began to run forward yelling aloud. As I reached the beast I thrust forward with my makeshift jousting weapon. When the stick made contact the bear blew apart in a yellow gelatin substance, that then coated the tunnel. I turned back to Lady Jones and bowed. She laughed and applauded at the sight of me covered in yellow goo.
After we exited the tunnel we made our way around to a few different shops and tried some old fashioned candy, followed by looking at some fall and winter decor in a home store.
After exploring the town we decided to go into the old timey church they had set up for visitor viewing. As we entered the door creaked loudly. No one else was in the dark dimly lit building and it had an eerie feeling in the air. We walked softly and quietly up to the podium at the front of the church. "This place gives me a creepy vibe, even for a church," I whispered. "I know right, it's so quiet and dark," Lady Jones replied. We stood at the front of the church and looked around at the small sanctuary. Suddenly we heard a wailing deathly cry that made our hair stand on end. We both looked at one another in panic as the room filled with ghostly figures flying about and screaming. "Run!" I cried. We both made a mad dash for the door swatting at the air. As we burst out into the night sky flinging the door shut behind us, we each stopped and bent over catching our breath.
As we looked back up at one another for the briefest moment our eyes met. Something in that moment, in the moonlight and glow of the streetlamps, some sort of spark happened when we looked at each other. Our souls met and it was then that I realized a wonderful and terrifying thing, I was in love and so was she. We quickly broke eye contact realizing what had happened in both of our hearts. It was feelings we would have to keep buried and never admitted aloud. Though somehow we both knew. We never said a word to each other that night about it.
The rest of the night continued as normal. We watched, laughed, smiled, and cried with the Christmas Play. Well I cried. Then when it was over we boarded the church bus and headed home for the night. When next we saw one another it would still be as friends. Her with the Knight of the Storm and me as just one of the guys she knew as a friend. As I said, it was not my place nor a knightly thing to intrude so I kept my place. But the unspoken truth in both of our hearts would not be held silent forever. Fate as they say has a way of working things out.
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