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Chapter One of a memoir/bio I am writing about my life as a 90s kid and 2000s teen
All That Glitters Is Gold:Memories of a 90s kid and 2000's teen

"What are we waiting for?" my step brother John said as he paced impatiently in the dark Sunday school room. "I don't know but I don't like this, gotta bad feeling," my best friend Dawayne said gripping the plastic light saber hilt in his hand. I stood holding my blue obi wan light saber deep in thought. I knew what was waiting but I dare not tell the others partially to surprise and scare them and partially cause I was mentally preparing myself for what was waiting somewhere within the church hallways. "It's time!" my friend Chris' voice snapped me from my thought. Dawayne, John, Chris, my little brother Jared and myself all emerged slowly into the black fellowship hall.
We in sync lit up out light sabers one at a time. The humming of the swords was the only sound as we made our way through the building. We reached the end of the fellowship hall. I could feel a cold sweat roll down the back of my neck onto the collar of my tank top. I ran a hand through my short dusty brown hair. "We should split up," Dawayne suggested. See the Church had front Sunday school rooms, fellowship hall, sanctuary and then the back Sunday school rooms. The back rooms had two ways in two separate doors that then had two halls that met together and then turned down one single hall to a series of other rooms. Dawayne and I took the right side and Jared, John, and Chris took the left.
All the lights in the church had been turned out. So as to up the element of fear and surprise. Dawayne and I crept through the doorway and started into the dark hallway. We seen John and the others enter on the opposite side. We all made our way to the middle. As we met right before the turn, we heard a deep raspy breathing and saw a red light saber hum to life. Behind its buzzing glow was a man in a black helmeted mask and cape. We all jumped and our hair stood on end as he released a deep terrifying laugh. "RUN!" Dawayne yelled. It was too late for my small brother Jared. He yelled as the man in the Darth Vader suit struck him gently with the plastic red light saber. The rest of us ran back to the fellowship hall and the comfort of an open room.
The night my dad dressed as Darth Vader and took us for a night of fun and light saber fights in the fellowship hall was a fond memory of mine growing up. We were kids and didn't know to stress about bills or money or jobs. Our greatest battles (aside from school) were determined in Pokemon games or Yugioh cards. Duel disks, light sabers and imaginary Kamehameha waves were our weapons. And ram shack clubhouses, a school bus, and the famed hill at the back of our church, were our bases. In my childhood and life, even at my young age of 24, I have experienced both loss and hope. I experienced world events such as Y2k, 911, and the 2012 apocalypse. I often look back to my past for guidance in my choices today and also in memories of escape for my times of doubt. This book is written to share some of my greatest adventures growing up a 90s kid and 2000's teen.

Chapter 1 I Wanna Be The Very Best

A young blonde haired boy sat alone in the hospital room floor. He quietly played with small plastic green army men. He wasn't entirely sure where he was or why he was there. So the three year old sat and played with his army men. A tall man with curly black hair came into the room. "Son, do you want to go see your new baby brother?" the man asked looking down at the little boy smiling. The little boy looked up with a smile and shook his head yes. He walked with his father down the hallway of the hospital. When the reached a spot where a row of windows was the boy's father picked him up to see inside. The man pointed to a small baby close to the middle of the room. The baby was laying in a plastic looking crib. "That's your new baby brother," the father said to his son. The boy smiled and looked at the baby, then to his father. "Can we name him Simba?" the boy asked. The father laughed for a minute. He looked at the boy. "Sorry but no son, his name is going to be Jared Ray," the father replied. That was the day I met my little brother. Now understand I as only three years old and just a few weeks earlier I had watched my first movie in a theater and that movie was The Lion King. In this chapter I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and who I am today. Sort of a get to know the author section.
My name is James Lee Nunn. I was born on June 22, 1991; and since that day my life has seen it's share of ups and downs. I've seen a million faces and been a million places. This book is both a biography and a collection of stories and memories, from my life growing up in the 90s and 2000s. While there will be some more serious and sadder events in the book I will mainly be focusing on the happier memories and points in my life.
This first chapter will help you get to know me better as a person. The remainder of the book will allow you to get to know my life and the people in it. One last note before I begin the bio of myself, the memories and events are neither in order or chronological. As a kid and teenager I never focused on remembering time or dates. So without anymore technical jabber here is your inside scoop on the author.
Currently I am 25. I'm an average height with a slightly more than average weight. I'm not obese or fat but I am a little chunky, or big boned as grandma would say. My hair is a medium brown as is my thin trimmed beard. I've never been a big fan of my looks or portliness. When I was younger and in middle school I was thinner and stronger. My dad, two brothers, and I worked out a lot at home together. Then in high school we moved, my adopted brother moved out, dad got a new job, and my emotions in high school kept me from ever holding on to a regular workout schedule again. My weight went up and my confidence down. I've had spurts of diet and exercise program attempts, but nothing kept my focus. My hair and beard like many people's, has seen very different styles and colors in my lifetime. Right now in my current state I'm learning to be more comfortable and content with my looks. Although it wouldn't hurt me to pass up on the extra snacks once in awhile.
I'm a man of very different interests and hobbies. I hate sports but can't pass up a basketball or dodge ball game. I love theater and singing, but I am shy and not as confident as I'd like to be. I love the glow and dance of a fire's flames, but I'm not a pyromaniac. You can see the pattern. When I was younger I loved writing poetry and short stories. As time progressed I added novels and songs to the list. The catch is I've never completely finished a book. I completed a rough draft of a fiction novel but it is still in editing phase. I mainly write fiction and fantasy. I love anything with a good plot. I find myself a fan of movies, books, and games with good stories that make you think. I am extremely nerdy. I love comics, sci-fi, and video games. My favorite foods are pasta, pizza, cheese, and potatoes. I eat buffalo or Tabasco sauce with everything. I find myself a fan of warmer colors reds, oranges, and yellows. This may be an added reason for fall being my favorite season. When it comes to holidays I am a fan of them all. I love any sort of themed or holiday inspired occasion. Christmas however, is undoubtedly my most favorite time of the year. I drive my family bonkers with my Navidad obsession. To me Christmas just has always seemed to brighten people's moods and hearts. It truly is the spirit of this holiday that makes me love it so much. The sights, sounds, smells; Christmas is a wonder for all the senses. I listen to Christmas music anytime of year, watch Christmas movies whenever I feel, and decorations have to be up the day after Halloween. It is always this wonderful time of year that reverts me to the excitement of a little child.
Growing up the son of a preacher meant a lot of time spent in church and a moral christian home. This has caused me to have high ethics, values, and a big heart. In school I was always known as the Teacher's pet or James the goody goody two shoes. Although most times it was meant as an insult, I later came to accept and be proud of it. In high school, however I earned a different sort of nickname from my heart and morale. After helping a friend suffering from a seizure on the bus and then stopping and breaking up a fight in the halls a few days later; I was known as Captain America. Even my choir teacher applauded the name and called me by it from time to time. Cap or Captain is the nickname that to this day friends and co-workers know me by. Another Impact in my life as a young christian is my love for God. I'm not a perfect christian, but I feel you'd have a hard time finding one. I believe I was 5 years old when I accepted Jesus and the Lord into my heart. I remember having a terrible nightmare(at this time I don't remember what it was about) that sent me running to my parent's room in the middle of the night. I asked my father about God and being saved. There in our small apartment living room, middle of the night, I repented my sins. God has been my best friend and my number one ever since.
In all I consider myself very average. Average intelligence, average looks, and average strengths. Though I do have a longing to be a superhero. My likes and dislikes, my emotions, and all the events in my life make me who I am. So now let the stories begin, as I give you a tour of memories. Here is my version of a 90s kid and 2000s teen.
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