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There's something happening in Town..get out while while you can.

          The leaves swirled and scattered in the cool Autumn afternoon as Timothy made his way home from the library. Mr. Jacobson his U.S. history teacher, had made sure that he gave them enough work to keep them busy over the Thanksgiving recess. Timothy loved this subject above the rest. His friends joked that he preferred to live in the past rather than in the
future. The future would get here soon enough was his line of thinking. But the past always intrigued him with its
mystery and drama. So the library had become his haven away from a World that didn't interest him, the laptop and games he only used when his friends came over or for a project.

         Plenty of times he became engrossed in a story that he failed to realize that the lights were being turned off one by one until a familiar
hand tapped his shoulder and he would stare blindly until his eyes recognize Miss Glover; the Librarian. Her pretty
eyeglasses framed her vivid almost violet eyes. Her mouth was a pretty dark rose but he could tell she didn't have
on a stitch of makeup. Most days she would let him stay a little past closing time while she tidied up or sometimes
she would sit with him and read as well.

         "Hello Timothy" she smiled kindly " Times up today, buddy. She never used his nickname Tim like most folks in town
          "Oh, sorry, Ms. Glover" he smiled sheepishly
          "It's ok. Did you want to check that one out?" she pointed the book on his lap.
          "Oh..no" Tim smiled while a blush crept up his neck
          "Ok, I'm closing up for the day so let's cleanup and get home before it gets dark" she picked up a few books that lay scattered on the table and went to put them away.

         Timothy got up to put his book away himself and proceeded to exit the library to walk home. He maybe should have rode his bike to the library, but he hadn't realized the weather would turn and get cooler. He zipped up his jacket and dug his hands in his pockets, walking faster just like everyone else in his township of Chesterfield. It was a place where almost everyone left their
doors unlocked, where kids played by the creek in the summer and Grandad's took a nap on a rocking chair. The leaves had turned
colors now that it was fall. Most folk enjoyed a good crisp Autumn before the winter came and covered them with blankets of snow.

          His Father, Michael, was home from work. He could tell because his Jeep was parked next to my Mother's and that was a rare sight. Usually he would still be out on the field at some construction or other. He was Chief engineer at a Building Group and he was needed most days to supervise things either at the office or at his favorite spot; the actual site. His Mother, Rosa, was a realtor which explains how they came together during College. His Mother was halfway thru business school when she literally bumped into his Dad while he was on his way to present his thesis. They pretty much fell in love right away and married a year later. Tim came along 4 years down the road because his parents were sensible "roll eyes here please" and they wanted to be home owners before having children.

          Unfortunately, that didn't leave him with any siblings and with lots of alone time for the lone kid of two busy parents. He had plenty of friends and knew he could always visit with his cousins which lived nearby but he really wished he had a little brother or sister to keep him company.

          Tim briskly took the steps two at a time and opened the screen door to find his parents sitting in front of the fireplace holding each other. His heart stopped for two heart beats and then pounded heavily as he looked at their faces trying to discern if good or bad news laid ahead. The chiming of the old mantle clock made his vision blur as he took a stumbling step forward towards his parents. Standing in front of them he looked first at his Mother's blushing face and then his Father's stunned look.

         "Dad..Mom..what's wrong?" he asked dropping his backpack to the floor
         "Tim..I'm pregnant." his Mother blurted and then blushed even more when she realized what she had just told her teen-aged son.
         Dad cleared his throat and then said "Timothy sit down, son. I'm sorry we're a bit in shock and we need to discuss this with you."
He took a deep breath while Tim sat straight down on the coffee table. He felt his knees had gone weak and sweat broke out of his palms.

         "Mom, Dad, what's the problem? A baby is not a bad thing..I mean you do want the baby , right?" He eflt very odd asking his parents
that question when they were the adults in the conversation. "Right?"

         "Actually, Tim. Your mother and I, had decided that we were actually done having kids after you were born, because as you know; we did a long while to have you. After all you're 15 and your Mother and I are no spring chickens. To start all over again at our age, would be a tremendous task. We have just finished paying this house off, and we're very close to finishing our goal for your College Fund..."

         "Mom are you seriously thinking what I think your thinking??" he felt himself growing angry "Hello?!"

         "Timothy. I don't even think I have really thought about anything yet." She actually sat straighter and took a deep breath "Actually, I'm having this baby. WE are having this baby."

         "Rosa, do you think that's wise?" worry lines appeared on Michael's forehead

         "My Doctor says I'm in perfect health. Besides, tons of people have children in their forties and both mother and baby are healthy." she stood up and looked from her son to her husband " I'm going to appreciate your support and that you respect my decision..and that you love this baby as much as I will."

Timothy stood up and hugged his mother

"Of course, Mom." he looked at his father with a pointed look

"Of course we will, hun" he hugged his family but his gaze was looking outside their front window at the pair of violet eyes that stared right back at him

Timothy lay in his bed feeling weird in some many ways. Shouldn't his parents feel happy they were having a baby. At least he felt his Mother
was, but his seemed reluctant. Tim couldn't be happier. At last he would have a companion and someone to look after. Growing up an only child is what most of his friends at school wish for while he'd envied their big boisterous fun loving families. His parents we're solid dependable people. They'd always made sure he had the best of everything and every year they took lengthy vacations to exotic places and stayed in beautiful time-shares they started collecting way before he came along. The holidays were full of warmth and maybe that's why they were his favorite time of the year. His Father was one of four brothers and his uncles went on to have numerous children. His mother was one of two and her twin sister Luisa had twins.

          His maternal grandparents came from Mexico when they were children and married young but they only had the two little girls and that was to them more than enough. In the other hand, his paternal grandparents were from Ireland and the Red Clan like most of the town called them; decided to multiply and prosper. It was a family joke that his Dad was adopted because he didn't inherit their red luster and sprinkle of freckles. His face had a strong profile,his nose was a Roman study while his dark blue eyes against his dark blonde hair. His Mother was an exotic beauty. Half the male population in Chesterfield fancied themselves in love with lovely Rosa, add to that the twin just as lovely twin Luisa and they felt blessed.

         Rosa and Luisa had long silky dark brown tresses over olive skin that glistened in the Sun. They both had dusky big brown eyes with lashes so thick they didn't need makeup. But their characters couldn't be much more different. His aunt Luisa was a ray of sunshine. Her laughter could be heard anywhere she went. She always saw the positive in every situation, no matter how grim it might seem. She lived her life with joy and in the summer could be seen riding her motorcycle pealing thru town at high speed. Her twins took after her and enjoyed summers playing in the mud with so much gusto, Tim envied them woefully.

         His mother was the type of kid that excelled in all her classes and was top student of the class. As student President she was very reliable and often put in the embarrassing position to make up excuses for her unruly sister. She loved her sister dearly and once in a while took part in her most harmless gags. In the end, Rosa graduated with Honors and went on to College on a full scholarship while Luisa was more than content to pursue a career in photography and stayed home to attend a local college.

But Rosa couldn't stay away from her sister too long and so when she found herself pregnant she knew she had to come back home. Her husband felt the same way and that was a great thing that they had found each other and that they both came from the same township.

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