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by danlee
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What else can you think when someone is always by your side is now dead?
         I'm known for being the multi-talented college student in this University, I can sing, dance, I have a lots of friends, and all the boys in school adores me.
         "Is he still bothering you? Huh?" One of my friends asked me about someone. Hmm..That's it. He's always bothering me and 'poofs' just like a mushroom anywhere, and sometimes I noticed that he appears every time when I'm alone.
"Hmm, Yes, always..I'm confused why he's always coming towards me, he knows me well..Oh, I mean all the people alive here know me, but heck, I don't even saw him studying here."
It is really a shocking experience. One day, I'm on the way to school and he accompanied me while walking, he didn't even took a step closer beside me. He just talk about his life, that he is also a guy who falls in love just like some of the students out there, but I wondered why he's always alone, doesn't he have any friends? It's strange right? Or must I say weird?
         And now I'm walking here at the street alone to go home, Will he appear today? Hmm, maybe not. A small smile started to form at my lips when I heard someone said, "Hey."O.O Goosebumps all over my body, cold wind starts to blow and I feel the time stops when I look back at him. Well, I can't deny the fact that he's handsome, those long wavy hairs, dark set of eyes, sharp jaw-line, and a perfect body and has a cold voice. "Umm, Hey? You're here again." I answered. My lips are trembling and I think it's the right time for me to ask him something.
"Shall we?" He asked when he started to lead the way; I have no choice but to follow him. "You don't feel good today, is there something that bothers you?" He asked, Am I really that obvious? Or he's a mind reader?
"Correction, it's not something, it's SOMEONE, and it's you!" I shouted at him and he just shows his straight face again. "I'm sick of you! Are you one of my admirers? Huh? Answer me! I'm tired of thinking about you, I don't even know your name.." I'm tired of being nice to him, and I don't even know why I am like this. I'm used to snob guys who want to talk to me but I don't know why I like talking sometimes to this weird geek.
"You promised that you will marry someone, and it's me, we had an accident and you suffer in comatose, while me-" Why I didn't know that? I-I mean, I don't care! I'm scared; I want to go home now.
"You're mom didn't told you? I knew it, He doesn't like me. He wants me to get rid of you, and I can't do it..so we decided to ran away from them.."Ow, my head hurts. It hurts like hell! There are images flashing in my mind with him. Those smiles, laugh, hugs.. And the last image I saw in my mind was, he's hugging me tight inside the car while it was falling down the cliff..So it's true?
"I remembered something, but not everything..Do you still love me? If you do, just stop it! If you love me then prove it to my mom! Do everything.." I ignored the pain I feel in my head because I want to know everything. It's nothing compared what my heart feels.
"It's my fault, at the first place, I should never take you ran away with me, I'm sorry for not being there when you need me, I'm sorry for not being brave to face your mom, its' because, I'm already dead, I'm just a floating soul! The last time when we were together was, we were going to ran away together and when the car's break broke down so, there's no way to live because were falling down the cliff, I hugged you, just to protect you. Even if I'm not sure what will happen after that..Now I told you, I'm already dead, You can't touch me anymore, believe me..I don't want you to get hurt that's why I'm always here with you now. I'm sorry for stalking you, I'm sorry for following you everywhere, you don't want it right? So, there's no reason for me to stay here..I love you..I miss you..I miss those times being with you..Those things will stay as a memories..If I could just turn back time..I'm sorry for everything, I'm sorry I died protecting you.."

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2148676