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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2148782
Ashley falls for a guy and leaves. He reappears in her life to redeem her trust back.
December 30, 3025

Bailey POV I was looking around at the room trying to find my notebook that I let Jesse use to read my story and she informed me last night that she put it on the nightstand between the queen size beds that Alyssa, Ashley, and I sleep on and the one that Jesse and Mikel sleep on and yet it is not there and that is when I hear a knock at the door so I stop rummaging for my journal in the nightstand to see if she had put it in there but I hear the knock again and walk towards the door softly and look through the peep hole and see Ashley and sigh a relief when I unlock it and open the door and say, "Did you forget your key card again." She shakes her head yes and then remembers it has not been the same since the accident she doesn't speak anymore, Alyssa is always with her mom or Ashley, and Jesse and Mikel are never apart from each other. We haven't had fun in a long while looks up to see that Ashley started crying and so I do what I usually do pull her into a hug to calm her. She calms down and does her nod of that she's ok and walks in and she finds out that I am looking for her notebook and she walks into the spare room and lifts the desktop and grabs the black and white notebook that she was looking for and walks back in the room and looks around to find where Bailey went and see that she is still rummaging through the drawer and so Ashley walks to the drawer and places it on top of it and so I thank her she nods and goes back to the spare room.

Ashley POV I am still upset because I forgot my key card again and I don’t know if anybody is in the room so I head to the stairs and was thinking and zoned out on the second floor and started thinking about Aiden my ex that caused me to not speak and Alyssa to constantly worry about me and spend more time with her mother, and since he attacked and killed Mikel’s fiancé and so she is scared and stays with Jesse the whole time and I started crying and snap out of my thoughts i get to the aisle that we live on and walk to our room and knock on the door. After waiting a little bit more and knocked again, Bailey opens it and notices I am crying. She pulls me into a hug and I finally relax. I notice she is looking for her notebook so I go to the spare room and open the desktop and see the notebook and grabbed it and left the room and look for Bailey. I find her rummaging through the nightstand so I place it on the table and she thanks me with a nod at the that motion I understand and walk back to the spare room and start crying more. since I found a letter in the mail room po box that was from /Aiden Lynson/(from 2 weeks ago) I finally open the letter and began to read it.

'Dear Ashley, I miss you so much and I swear I did not mean to kill Sam. it was an accident he got in my way. I was trying to stop them from hurting you, and I failed I know you may never be able to forgive me. I would like to meet up since my dad is moving us back to the Anderrsville Community Apartment duplex. I would like to be able to amend my wrongs and hope Mikel and you would forgive me for what I had done. Sincerely, yours truly Aiden.'

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