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A divorce letter to my old companion. A Pretty Pesky Prompts Entry (Form: Prose Poetry)
Dear Writer's Block

Dear Writer’s Block …

We need to talk and though it seems unfair, it’s now “good-bye;” no need to cry. It’s not like I don’t care. You’ve sat with me as, listlessly, I’ve waited for a spark. How close we’ve grown as all alone I’ve languished in the dark. I’ve come to see that you and me now have a special bond and though it’s clear I’ve held you near, I need to move beyond.

I won’t miss your grin as, deep within, I search vainly for my muse nor your silent laugh, your autograph, that whispers “it’s no use.” I’m not sure why I’ve just stood by and let you run my life. No compromise, I realize - you’re not my second wife!

From here on out – please, have no doubt – I’m beginning a new start. My muse is back, I’m now on track; it's time we lived apart. There’s magic here, let us be clear, it surrounds me every day. My blinders gone, I’m moving on! There’s no more for me to say.

You may find it funny that I feel sunny as I’m breaking up with you but my words run free as you can plainly see. You were a rock inside my shoe! It seems so strange how we rearrange our feelings over time. We become inured to what we have endured. We rationalize the crime.

Where once before I saw closed doors, now I see opportunity. I can see in your eye you’ll continue to try to visit your curse upon me. Your power is gone. You should know, from now on, that you’re no longer strong. I’m ignoring your call that has kept me enthralled and left me in silence too long.

Though I might be slow just to ease the blow, this letter is, of course, my emancipation proclamation. We’re getting a divorce!

I wish you well but no more hell will you put me through; it's ended! May you rest in peace; I’ve got my release …

...consider yourself "unfriended!"


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An entry for the February round of "Invalid Item
Prompt: Write a break up letter to Writer's Block
Form: Prose Poetry  
Word Limit: 1000
Word Count: 370

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