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Caelum's eyes fluttered open. Slowly, she sat up and looked around. She was alone and there was no sign of her friends or her horse, but somehow she felt safe and calm. This was some kind of witchcraft; it had to be, Caelum thought. Suddenly she heard someone chuckle behind her. Caelum sprung to her feet and reached for her sword on her belt. It was gone too. Tibris! A wave of dread rushed up her body. The sounds of the enchanted forest became louder and again she felt at ease. She reached for the dagger in her boot. She felt the leather handle and pulled it out. "Now, now you won't be needing that." It was a male voice, although a little higher pitched coming from somewhere in the trees. Caelum searched but could not find the source.
"Then why do I have it?"
"Because you take comfort knowing that you can protect yourself. Although, I don't know why you need that dagger. From what I've seen you can defend yourself just fine with your bare hands."
"I can't kill with my bare hands."
"Yes you can. The blade is a crutch."
"Where are you? Come down where I can see you."
He chuckled again, "I'm not above you, I'm below you." Caelum looked around at her feet. "You are very brave to wear white knickers."
"What?" She jumped backward holding her skirt closer to her body. "Pervert! Show yourself!" A bright yellow light shot out from the grass in front of her and hovered at her eye level. "A fairy." She whispered.
"Yes I am. My name is Dinwiddy and I have been sent here by my mistress to bring you to Aquato." As he spoke his light went out, revealing a tiny man about four inches tall, and skinny. His hair was brown and disheveled and he had bright green angled eyes and pointed ears. Dinwiddy wore an off white tunic underneath of a brown vest with green knee high boots over brown leggings.
"My friends and I have searched and we cannot find the way."
"That's because you are looking in the wrong places."
"But you know where it is?"
"Yes I do." He chuckled, fluttering around her head, "and I will show you."
"I'm afraid I have lost my friends."
"Oh dear, I am sorry, but I promise they did not go far. I will take you to them." He grabbed her by the ear and spun her around. She let out a yelp.
"Owe, owe, owe!"
"Do you see those two big rocks over there?"
"Yes and was that necessary."
Dinwiddy shrugged, "Probably not."
"Then why-"
He interrupted her. "Now just beyond those two boulders is a trail that will take you back to your friends."
Sure enough between the towering rocks was a path. Dinwiddy hovered behind her as she followed it. As she turned the corner she felt light headed. She closed her eyes and swayed on her feet for a moment and then as quickly as it came on it went away and she found herself walking, at night, out of the trees and to the campfire where Brayon, Roderick, and Kenzie sat and their horses tied up behind them.
All looked up at her. Startled by the little yellow light following her, they stood and drew their swords. Caelum held up her hands, "Hold steady, it's okay. He's a friend."
"He?" Kenzie asked.
Dinwiddy landed on Caelum's shoulder. As she came closer to the group they let down their swords. "Hello everyone! I am Dinwiddy."
"He says that he can take us to Aquato and to Aquane,"
"How exactly?" Roderick asked, moving closer to get a better look. "He's a fairy. Of the mountain kind if I am not mistaken."
"You know about fairies?" Kenzie asked.
"I have read about them."
"Aquane is in desperate need of your help and she sent me guide you to the lost city." Dinwiddy said.
"Nothing about this mission makes sense anymore." Brayon said turning back to the fire and sheathing his sword.
"It will all make sense in time."
Roderick poked at the fairy. "He is amazing."
Dinwiddy swatted his hand. "Leave me alone and get some rest. We have a long day travel ahead of us.

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