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A prize my be given in a competition,shop or fair but this prize has not yet been given...
You say what i mean by a prize for one though,when you have only had one there's no competition no game just one thing,a friend a companion which you may of been oblivious of this whole time?
Friends can turn,stab and brake but there's one that has none of the right to speak to others or even touch them...Imaginary some may say or a ghost which only 1 or a group can see in there own perspective.
This friend is invisible in others sense though i can feel,smell,see,hear and taste the warm air which in my world has suddenly turned from dark,cold and excruciating place where only i live no colour, life or optimistic feeling until my heart warmed and fell for an animal you could think or a hallucinatory mind-blowing creature.My prize i call it my only prize my main prize and the prize that'll never leave...

Family had no page in my life nor' a word,My main prize mesmerised me filled my book with only pictures and words of itself.
Eventually i fell through my book. Remembering nothing but my own language and faintly that creature that no one appeared to know of but myself and til this day still no research no rumours or words about that day!

book made... Friday 16th February 2018

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