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Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2149049
This was a random assignment from my American Literature class. Enjoy!
Mi Amorican

Today is the day that Maria Espinoza Trevino Rodriguez Robledo meets Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez, the hottest guy on earth. He has the most beautiful eyes, they heart, such gentle hands. He is the most respectful man she has ever met. Well she hasn't actually met him in person but they talked enough to know that he's amazing. She tells him everything and he does the same with her.

Tonight Maria and Esteban are meeting at a very famous and respectful restaurant, krystal's. They heard it was an amazing burger joint. Maria, being the gorgeous one in the relationship, has decided to wear a stained wife beater and sweatpants. She isn't going to wear makeup because “who cares about first impressions?”. Esteban who is the not so good looking is wearing a dark blue tuxedo with sperry shoes and has gelled his hair. He was suppose to leave at 3:00 pm but it's already 4:00 pm. He leaves his mansion and hops on his bicycle.

Maria and Esteban walked into krystal's at the same time. “Maria?” esteban asks to a white female with a name tag that says “hi im abigale washington, it's nice to meet you.” . She turns towards him, “esteban? Put it here partner. I've been dying to meet you like a cow dying fo food.” He is wearing the same name tag but his says “sup names brad” . “My dear abigail what a fine time to meet you. Would you like to join em for a cuppa after we're done?” he shakes her hand and then uses an insane amount of hand sanitizer. You would think that these two different people would never fall in love...and they didn't, she smacked him with a glove and walked away.
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