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Let us speak of the dream we share.
White men in dark ties
Grabbing women by the crotch,
And feeling unashamed
(They feel unashamed)
Ribald jokes and talking on the phone,
Claiming to stand for righteousness' sake, but they display none.

I am not a poet nor am I worthy
Of anyone's attention,
I am not a singer of songs or a maker of money
(Yet I have so much to say)
I am simply a dreamer who seeks to
Illuminate the dream that they believe.

To be woman is to be weak, they say
Those important men in those fresh-pressed suits
To be queer, or black, or Muslim, or outraged
(To be different from us, is what they mean)
These things are taboo and indecent!
But decency is only kindness, if flesh falls away.

Share your dream with me, and I'll whisper no more.
This woman queer who spins gossamer tales
Will shout to the heavens!
(Will you hear? Will you listen?)
We are all together, don't let us come undone!

We can fix the dream that was broken, you and I
That dream those men cannot see
The dream of you, the dream of me
(Held deep to our hearts, beating the same)
That dream known as Equality.

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