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The Day We Met.

         I woke up this morning still agitated by the fact we had to move. My mother was a doctor and her boss thought it was a good idea if they transferred her to a different hospital clear across the state.
         "Hurry up and come down for breakfast." I heard my mom holler from down stairs in the kitchen. "You don't want to be later for your first day of school."
         I finished getting dressed and headed down to the kitchen. My mom was baking cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I sat at the kitchen table eating my food and dreading the fact that I had to start at a new school. After breakfast, mom and I got in the car. She drove me to school because I didn't have my truck unpacked and didn't have time to get it done before eight o'clock.
         When we pulled up to the school, I gritted my teeth, told my mom bye and got out of the car. Watching my mom pull out made me a little nervous. I was scared by the fact I was about to walk into a building I've never even seen before, and sit with people I know nothing about.
         A tall grey haired man met me by the door and said. "School isn't in session for another week." He calmly stuck his hand out for me to shake. I shook his head, although pretty clammy, with a smile.
         I decided since school didn't start for another week, I would walk around and explore my new town. I ended up beside the park after what felt like an hour of walking. I noticed there where tons of other children there too. Not wanting to be social in any way, I went and sat on an empty bench at the end of one of the basketball courts.
         I has started to grow board of just sitting in one spot and was getting ready to head home. All of a sudden when I was standing up, I noticed the most beautiful woman I had ever seen walking straight towards me.
         "I've never seen you around here before." She said as she took a seat across from me.
         "My mom and I just got into town last night." I could feel myself blush as I said this.
         "Oh that's awesome, well my name is Alexis, welcome to our small town, nice to meet you."
         "Nice to meet you too, my name is Jasper."
         "Well Jasper, are you still in school?" she asked with a smile and right then I could tell she liked me.
         "Yes, this is actually only my sophomore year." I said with a smile and I could feel my cheeks burning.
         "That's awesome, we will be in the same class, Do you have a drivers license?"
         "Yes I do, why do you ask?"
         "If you had a car I'd love to show you my favorite swimming spot."
         "Would you like to walk to my house with me and we can get one of my vehicles?"
         "I'd be delighted to walk with you!" she said excitedly and we took off walking towards my house. "So, where are you from?"
         "I'm from a little bitty town up north of Dallas."
         "Well, welcome to the small town of Wimberley."
         When we reached the end of my driveway, I heard Alexis shriek.
         "Are you okay?" I asked with serious concern, also a little scared.
         "Is that your car right there?"
         "Yes, that's one of them. I have four cars, two motorcycles, five four-wheelers and my two trucks."          
         "Can we take this car?" I loved the idea of this beauty riding beside me in my drag car but sadly it wasn't currently legal.
         "I'd love to take it but, unfortunately it currently has drag slicks on it, I'll take you for a ride in it when I'm able to find my street tires and put them on." She looked slightly confused.
         "You're a drag racer?" she asked and her beautiful baby blue eyes lit up so bright it put the sun to shame.
         "Yes, I also race a regular track car, I have my dirt track car, and I race my quads." She looked at me completely amazed.
         "So, can we take quads to the swimming hole?" I was honestly trying to find a way that this could possibly end badly but I couldn't come up with a single excuse. I looked her in her big puppy dog eyes and I couldn't say no.
         We walked around to the back yard and I opened up on of my toy haulers that held the quads and the bikes. I pulled out all the quads and put them in a line. "you can choose and of the five you want." I said with a smile.
         "I think ill choose this one." She said climbing on the neon pink and green one.
         "Great choice, that's the fastest one I own but this one is my favorite." I said as I started on my black and red quad. After I got mine started, I loaded the other three back into the trailer. "What size helmet do you wear?" I asked sticking my head out the door.
         "Large!" she had to yell over the rumble of our quads. I grabbed both of us helmets that color matched our quads, locked the doors and went back out to Alexis.
         Our first stop was the gas station. I went in, paid for the gas and got each of us a drink.
         "I knew you looked familiar!" Said Alexis as I exited to store. I was a little worried and confused.
         "What are you talking about?" I asked trying my hardest not to sound like a jerk.
         "Your last name is Jones isn't it?"
         "Yes it is, why do you ask."
         "I saw you on T.V., you're the richest and most accomplished sixteen year old in the world!" I slumped my shoulders and lost my smile. I knew someone was going to find out and the truth is I just want to be left alone about it.
         "What's the matter, did I say something wrong?" she asked with sadness in her eyes.
         "No you didn't do anything wrong, I was just hoping no one would find out because when they find out they treat me different then they did when I was just another guy."
         "Oh, well your secret is safe with my and you have my word I will not treat you any more differently just because your famous." She said offering a comforting smile. I got back on my quad and fallowed Alexis because, she knew where she was going and I did not.
         After riding for almost an hour, we arrived at a lake. The lake had breathtaking views that would mesmerize even the blind. We swam for around three hours then headed back to my house.
         Once we pulled up at the house I went and opened to ramp for the toy hauler. I had to pull all the other quads out in order to get the ones we where riding back into their appropriate spots. After pulling the quads out, I decided to go ahead and pull my favorite of my two bikes out. I finally got the quads put back in the trailer like they should be then asked Alexis. "Would you like me to give you a ride home?"
         "That would be great, can we take the bike?" I was shocked that a girl like this could like bikes but I was also exited to have her on mine.
         "Of course we can." I said as I started it up. Alexis climbed on behind me and we headed towards her house. After pulling into her driveway and I killed my bike, I said. "That was a tremendous amount of fun, we should do it again tomorrow if your free."
         "I am completely free tomorrow, I'll see you at nine in the morning." Then she kissed me on the cheek and skipped into the house.

To Be Continued...

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