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Rated: E · Short Story · Supernatural · #2149128
A short story filled with cliche werewolf themes used as a metaphor for bullying.
It is late at night and a teenage boy is putting on his jacket. He hears a slight bang outside. He jumps in fear and walks over to his window to look outside. He sees nothing and a hand slowly reaches out grabbing his shoulder. He turns around quickly and begins breathing heavily. His frightened face begins to relax and he laughs. "You scared me, mom". She smiled and handed him some money. "Don't forget the milk this time sweetie" she expressed greatly. He shakes his head and grabs the money out of her hand and walked outside. He reaches the curbside and the brisk cold air blew making him zip up his jacket. Then suddenly the wind stopped and the neighborhood is dead silent. He doesn't hear a thing; which made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He looks to the right and looks to the left. There was no one on the block. He looks up at the moon and it is covered halfway by dark grey clouds. He gets an eery feeling and starts walking to the store wearily. In the middle of crossing the street a loud bang penetrated his ear. He stops quickly and he can't move. As the fear slowly faded he looked over and seen a screen door wide open. It was moving in the wind. He exhaled in relief. "It is just the wind Pete" he said to himself. Pete shook his head laughing at himself for being afraid and he ran off. He decided to take a short cut instead of going the long way. The short cut was a dark alley way. Pete stood before it deciding whether to walk down the alley or not. However, Pete continued down the alley anyway despite his gut feeling telling him not to. He sauntered slowly and quietly through and he was almost at the end of the alley when he heard a glass bottle roll across the ground. Muffled laughter came from a distance. A boy jumped up from behind a trash can. "Well, well. Look at what we got here boys". Four other teenagers emerged from the distance. The only light they had to see with was a street light that kept flickering on and off. The boys surround Pete and he gulps. "So, what are you doing out this time of night Petey. Ain't it past your beddy by time". The others laugh. Pete stayed silent and the boy got mad. "I thought I asked you a question Pete" he said angrily while he pushed Pete to the ground. "I'm sorry Jack". Pete stands up apologizing to him. "Can I please just go? You can beat me up at school tomorrow". Jack pretends to think about it sarcastically. "Ah, I thought about it and no. I think I'll beat you up now". Jack pushes Pete back down on the ground and he hit his head hard on the concrete. Peter blinks his eyes twice looking up at the sky. He watched as the clouds dispersed and he passed out just as the moon shined down on him like a spot light. He came to a couple of minutes later and he watched as Jack and his boys ran away. They never even looked back. Pete got up and his clothes were ripped. He felt horrible. When was this bullying going to stop he thought to himself. The money was scattered all over the ground, and he picked it up, and continued to go to the store for his mother. A few minutes later he got home and Pete's mother was fishing through the bags. "Sweetie, you forgot the milk". Pete continuously wandered up the stairs to bed ignoring his mother. He didn't want to explain what had happen to him. He didn't understand what had happen himself.
The next morning the principal called Peter and his mother into his office. "I'm sorry, Ms. McCall but I have four angry parents saying that Peter attacked them". Peter looks completely confused and he starts to drown out his mother arguing with the principal about how Peter has been bullied by those boys for months and how Pete's clothes were ripped from last night. "I found them doing laundry this morning. My son told me everything. This boy is crying wolf" she said. Peter has a revelation and pictures his ripped up jacket that has three slices across the front. He remembers two days prior walking home from school. Pete took the long way home walking through the park. It was dusk and the sky looked bright red from the sun going down. The roundabout was still spinning but there was no one in the park. That is creepy he thought. Pete trekked up the trail hearing crickets all the way through. As he reached the end of the dirt trail climbing up a big hill he stopped to catch his breath. He heard the wind whistle and it turned colder. He put his red hoodie on and he heard a twig snap in the wooded area of the park. He looked hard into the brush not seeing any movement. Then as soon as he broke his concentration it got silent and the crickets stopped chirping, and a dog pounced toward him scaring peter to the ground. It all happened so quickly, the dog bit his leg and chatter chimed in scaring off the dog. Jack and his buddies appeared and they noticed Pete laying on the ground. "Aw. What happened Petey? You fell" he said in a baby voice. The other boys laughed. Pete stood up quickly and ran home. Pete came back into the conversation and he heard the principal say "Jack Shepard wasn't making any sense. His grandmother called me and said Pete turned into a ferocious animal". Ms. McCall looked confused. "I think it was the fear. I figured maybe your family dog came into defense of Peter - -". "But we don't own a dog" she answered interrupting the principal in mid sentence. Peter looked at Jack sitting in the other room through the blinds. They locked eyes and Jack starts trembling in fear. Peter's eyes were glowing red and he had a very sinister smirk on his face. Teachers rushed to help calm him down but he was hysterical. The principal stood up "what is going on now". He turns to look at Peter and his eyes had returned to normal. "You can go Mr. McCall but no more bulling". Peter agrees and they walk out leaving Jack in a fearful stupor. Jack Shepard will never bother another kid ever again.

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