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It,s a brief note about a successful life... How a man can be successful in his career.

Authore: Muhammad Saeed
Address: Kohistan Dassu Village Kaigah KPK


Everyone want a successful life in this world, mostly peoples, you will see to do work. whatever they are doing, you can see different peoples in your daily life some of them will be proprietor and some will be employees, some will be officers and some of them will be labor.
You'll see many other peoples who will do, nothing and they will talk like they are running the world. Some peoples you will see to beg from others and some peoples you'll see to donate and helpful, some will be thief and some will be security and some will be celebrities and some will be guilty some will be judge but some will be criminal.
I write some type of peoples you are mostly face some type of people in this universe, but one thing will be common in them all and that is successful life or luxury life. But everyone's thinking's and work will be different.
According to my thoughts and my experience there are many ways to get successful life. I would like to describe some important aspects of successful life that will help you to get a successful life.
Belief on Allah:          
The most important and basic of success is to belief on Almighty Allah.
(There is no God but Allah the most merciful and beneficial) the creator the one and one God, who create this world who create us who is the one and only God of both Worlds.
When you think to do something ordinary or important you must belief on Almighty Allah and do work hard and let to give reward from Allah. God will make things right.
Must make strong creed and do the thing with core of heart and reward will give you the creator of universe. This is the first aspect of success if you want success in your life you must belief on God. He will make easy everything.

Self Confidence:          
Second the most important is to be confident in every situation and every condition of life.
Self-confidence is the key of success; whenever a man cannot confident he can't get success because he will not be able to do well his work. If he will hesitate then will not be able to express his idea and his ability will not express clearly. Therefore it is much important to be confident.
When you are interested to do something just do that. Your interest is your strength and energy, for a successful life one must have enough energy and strength to handle the stress and success. When you start to do something there will be much hindrance and many peoples will discourage you but just few peoples will encourage you, but you should be confident and do your business never put down your dreams because of others.
Choose Your Goal:          
The 4th most important thing for a successful life is to choose your appropriate goal.
Before you start your work you must choose your goal in which kind of work you are interested. Your goal should be high and you should choose the work in which you are more interested. Once you select your goal, you work on that until you achieve your goal. You must respect your goal and always remember your goal. When you face a hard time you should not forget your aim you must ask yourself why you start this work and what was your goal and what you had promised yourself? It will help you to continuous your work, never forget your Aim.

Work Hard:          
3rd most important thing for a successful life is hard work.
Whatever you do in your life you must keep work hard doesn't matter how hard to do your work, but you must struggle and work hard every time and every situation of your life. Hard work is the key of success.
Your struggle will ride off the hard time and make your ways easy.
"work hard in silence and let your success make noise" keep silence and work hard world will see your success you don't need to tell your plan of work to others because no one will agree with your planning and style of work, just do that and let your achievement to show your ability. Remember that your today struggle is your tomorrow success.
Keep in your mind nothing is bad to do nothing is impossible to do but success needs your efforts, struggle, and hard work success will be yours.
Never Lose Hope:
The 5th important thing for a successful life is to never lose hope.
Whenever you do not lose your hope you'll never fail to achieve your goal. Hope is a pillar which will support you to keep your strength; hope is a base of success hope is a strength hope is your best friend to help out you for achievement of your dreams.
When you lose the track you must not lose your hope. As you see in this world when a person start to do something he always say that he hope, he will be successful in his mission and he hope he will achieve his goal. "Hope is the only thing through which we are still living"
If one's lose his hope he will not be able to live his life, so never lose your hope. If unexpectedly you fail to achieve your aim, you must not frustrate because still you have chance to commence once again with new energy and new strength, passions and focus more on your goal and do it more efficient way, but never lose hope.
Don't Blame          Others:
We all see in Overall world that everyone blame each other's no one want to see himself that is the most ruefulness for us all.
If everyone make himself right and try to correct own mistakes the world will be peaceful and there will be no divergence in the world..
You should not blame others in every situation of life, because if you blame others you'll forget your own mistakes and you will not be able to see your own mistakes and that will be harmful for your future and hindrance in your work.
Do your work with your full interest and passion, no one can hindrance to achieve your goal.
If unexpectedly you fail to achieve your goal, do not blame others instead search your weakness and your mistake, that where you did mistake through which you fail to achieve your goal, correct your mistakes and do your job more appropriate way, but never blame others. You should know that your looseness will always happen by your mistake not because of others.

It is the nature of human being that we all have expectations from our relatives, neighbors, friends, and colleagues, but that is what always hurt us because we more expect on them but when we know that they do not fulfill our expectations, that hurt us very badly.
You can expect on your family but not so much because some time your family may not fulfill your expectations and that will hurt you.
Your best friend is yourself nobody else so ever expects a lot from others.
When you start expect from other for achievement of your goal that he will help you then be careful you can hurt anytime and you may not be able to fulfill your aim.
Expectation is a risk for your achievement that's why you should not much expect on others. If you can dream it means you can do it. You may face hard time but hard work is key of success.
You should expect on yourself because there is no one who can make you successful. You are the person who can get success for yourself.

Take Risk:
Without risk nothing is possible. Whenever a man does not take risk he cannot get success. "Take risk and get success" risk is also advantage for a worker because risk will make you more interest and better focus on your job. If the man doesn't see the risk of loss, he may not work efficiently, so risk is the thing which builds the interest of person to do his job more purely.
Never lose hope from risk, if you are interested to do some work do it.
Actually we are creating risk because whenever we do not commence our business there will be no risk. So we are the creator of risk and we can remove that by our efforts struggle and interest.
The more risky job will give you more knowledge. The risk in work because the man can enjoy his success. Without risk there is no enjoyable success.
To be a successful man you should take risk "Without risk nothing is possible, but with risk nothing is impossible".

Be positive:          
Positivity is the key of success.
Whatever you will do in your life be positive if you will be positive you will get positive result.
You will face different peoples in this world different nature peoples, but you should be positive because positivity is the way to get the interest of peoples and attract them towards you. Honesty and truthfulness is the key of success whenever you will be honest and positive I make you sure that success will be definitely yours. When you start cheat the peoples you cannot get success because when people know about your cheating they will hate you and you will not get success in your mission. When you will be truthful and honest with everyone, your good well will boost never down because positivity is the basic thing for a success. Keep in your mind whenever you will be positive, no one will stop you to be a successful. Whatever you do you should do with interest and passion.

Donation/ Charity:
Charity is also a good way and it is great work in every religious concept. Charity is also key point for success because with charity the future fash will remove. Allah will make the ways easy and abolish the risk. Donation and charity is a great work. The person who donates some part of his income he will never fail in his job or business.
Look around in society and donate something to the needy it will pay happiness and Allah will help if we help the needy peoples.

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