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winning over the others and keeping happy

In this article we will discuss the most important aspect of winning the people allowing them first to win the game
then only we will be able to succeed in life. There are so many reasons why people do not like us and try to avoid
us while doing any task. If you find that you identify any of the qualities mentioned below it means you are not
moving ahead as fast as you would like .

Find below the details of those reasons:

1-YOU ARE SELFISH: In our daily life's happening we find that most of the time people always look for themselves and
think of their own benefits and their loved ones without taking into account the people in your immediate surrounding
Be clear about one that nothing can be achieved single handedly without taking the help of the second hand. Even a
small pin if dropped on the floor you can't pick it up without the help of other finger. So how we can expect doing
major tasks of life by our own. You should always be team oriented and help the other people also for winning the

Steve Marabole says "Selfish people tend to only be good to themselves... then are surprised when they are alone"

YOU DON'T LISTEN THE PEOPLE: It is a human tendency that he or she wanted to share his grievance and problem and
he expects some one to listen to him and give him some good suggestion to over come that problem. If you are not
listening to what others person has to say , they won't hear what you have say either. You might have noticed some
of the people in your surroundings that attract the crowd, the reason behind them is they are the best listeners
and always welcome the other people to says what then want to say and at the same time give them any suggestion or
advice if needed which solves their problem. This is reason why they are the centre of attraction of all. You will find lots of people around them,.

D. Ridgley says " Listening to others viewpoints may reveal the one thing needed to complete your goal"

YOU START WITH SELF PROMOTING: whenever you get an opportunity you start with you own story of what you have done
and what you have achieved and what you did to get higher percentage of marks etc. By self promoting you can't
success and you allowed the other person to speak first how he achieved his success and what is the secret of his
and and ask him to shared his secretcs. Only by allowing other too for sharing their part of talking you can go
ahead in life.

There is saying which goes " Self praise it is a sign thatyou reputation is small "

YOU SKIP THE SMALL TALK : Irrespective of the place where you always try to make connection with new people and
try to make by doing a small talk may be just about weather or any social hobbies he likes and common interest
that way you can building. This will give an opportunity to other people to talk first and winning you and thereby
building common relationship which is bestfor both of you.

YOU NEVER GIVE ANYTHING:If you are building your relatinship with the other people just by asking for favors and
always asking from him and not at all giving him in return , then you are not building the foundation for a long
lasting relationship which is required winning in life. At first you start giving him from your side not only money
but by helping in his task where he find or need someone' help.

"Never stop doing little things for others. Some time those little thingsoccupy the biggest part of their heat".

YOU ONLY TALK TO PEOPLE WHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING: In the real time situation of life you have to be proactive , that means without the other person's asking you to do somethig for him . You do it from you side understand his needs

requirement. Once the people figure out that you are a such a type of man who does the things without asking to
do it they will come forward for your help when you needed it open heartly.

YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR END GOAL: If you are self centered always thinking about your own goals in life and is
allowing other people to say what he has in his mind. You can never succeed , Let others too achieve their goal by
helping them in achieving it them only you can success. Suppose you are close to the examination and asking your
close friend to give you his notes with which you want to study. You are thinking you your own success ignoring
your friend side. It is not possible to be successful if we are doing this type of things in life.

Russel Brand says " I recognize that I have the ability to be selfish, but I also recognize that you can't be
happy if you only care about yourself at the expenses of other people".

BE HUMBLE: The very first things you should have is being humble , if you are humble people will come to you
and will ask you more question allowing you to give them or guide them in their issues , thus by helping others
you too will succeed in life

We have seen that how we can win ourselves only b y allowing others too be successful in their day to day a
activities of life. We conclude that success can not be achieved single handedly . Without helping other to succeed you can't be successful.

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