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by Dragyn
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A secret Edgar Allan Poe never told anyone
How Edgar Allan Poe really passed,
stumps anyone who’s ever been asked.
Though, according to tips,
he had “Reynolds” on his lips.

It could’ve been a lover
who no one will discover.
Or an enemy in the street,
who turned this guy white as sheet.

Unless we dig up old Poe
and ask what frightened him so!
Though, he’d be the type
to kiss and not pipe....

So every Valentine’s Day,
a mysterious rose comes his way-
ends up on his grave
from someone quite brave.

This special someone
was really in it for the long run,
having been his girl in the past,
she wanted to make the memories last.

So every year since he died,
a rose on his grave, she’d slide.
In the dead of night,
and always out of sight.

She never found him in the underworld-
became a ghost, whose presence swirled
into powerful winds, and once a year,
she returns. Just to remind us, she was here.

28 lines
Written for "The Writer's Cramp
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