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A short poem about the beginning of love
We met, oh so ever unexpectedly
From that moment I started feeling something internally
We clicked, like two pods in a pea
We both were so strangely similar as can be
I tried to ignore the voices that fed me lies
But what I couldn't stop, was all the cries
Each day of endless talking, hearts becoming united
We soon fell in love, the spark had ignited
Only thing left to do, was to confess
Unable to reach out, afraid it'll end up a mess
Late hours of the night, unable to go to sleep
The need to be in your arms, began to creep
Seems it got to you, since you revealed how you felt
The shock was the best I ever dealt
We eventually said everything that was left unsaid
Happy at last but doubts was what I dread
As we always did, we rolled with the flow
Ain't afraid anymore, the future awaits
Lets go.....
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