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A poem for a friend who inspired the phrase
She's got a wild heart, hair curly and free
She dances in the rain and sings in the dark
She grabs me by the hand and says follow me
She laughs and smiles, her eyes ignite a spark

She holds a knot of wire tightly in her hands
Trying to straighten out the reluctant wire
Frustrated she throws down her project and stands
The simple situation seems to turn dire

The knots of wire lay there a beautiful mess
She begins to straighten it with a new determination
I can tell the project is one that gives her stress
Her face beginning to show hints of gratification

Relieved she sighs as she straightens the wires
It took way too long for this task to be done
With her jaw set she reaches for her pliers
She's jamming out to music and having fun

She reminds me of her knots of wire
Tough, small, with a refusal to change her shape
But after a while her resistance starts to tire
Underneath she's held together by just strands of tape

She is the most wonderful mess I have ever seen
She is wild and free, can't be held down ever again
She's the badass girl you'd see on the screen
She is the best knots of wire I've ever met, amen
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