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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2149254
Part Two of an ongoing saga. What does Jo want - for Jason to be her boyfriend, or slave?
Yes, we have plenty to talk about - such as the fact that I was rubbing your sweaty socks all over my face, while jerking off...

"Jason, did you hear me?" Jo looked a little perplexed as she stared at Jason, her bright blue eyes burning into him. "I said, let's go back to my place."

"Yeah, of course, Jo!" He said brightly, grateful that he didn't actually say his dark thoughts aloud.

Following her out of the entertainment centre, Jason wasn't sure if people were staring or sniggering at him. Maybe it was his imagination but he was sure he heard a "neigh!" from one guy. Jo either didn't hear, or ignored it. Or, perhaps it never happened at all. It was clear that it was very much on Jason's mind how self-conscious he was with being attached to someone who was so horsey.

But was she really that unattractive? Jason had toyed with this thought over and over. True, years ago, he certainly did not fancy her, but since his dreams about licking her feet, sucking her toes...he had to admit that he was drawn to her. When he was younger, he would always - in a terrible, shallow way it must be said - decide whether a girl was hot enough based on what his friends thought. Picturing their reactions to him being with Jo Hancock right now - a girl who looked like a cross between a horse and a pixie creature made him groan a little inwardly. Still, he was older now and things had changed. He was in no position to pick and choose the most attractive girl he wanted, many lonely years of jerking off on his own to pictures and videos of women's feet had seen to that!

"I said...what song was your favourite?" Jo asked, giving him a gentle nudge in the ribs as they arrived at her chalet. It was pretty basic really - at least she didn't have to pay for her accommodation!

"Er, a whole new world," He replied quickly, realising that was the only song he definitely knew the name of. "You've got a great voice, you really do!

She beamed at him. "Ah, I love that one too! It's not easy you know, performing in front of so many people..." Jason bit his lip; there were at best twenty people scattered loosely around the entertainment centre, and only a handful of those were paying much attention. "I mean, doing a Performing Arts degree and being an Ents manager - you have to be confident around people. It's only in the last couple of years I've really found my voice, you know?"

Jason nodded as they walked through and sat down on the sofa next to one another. Yet he did not really know. In a retrograde fashion, he had become less confident and sure of himself since he had that non-date with Jo, back in 2006. Back then, he had more determination and recklessness about him. His foot fetish was a relatively minor aspect of his life, now it had grown and taken over parts of him which he never asked to. Now, his confidence - around women especially - was as low as it was when he was an awkward fourteen year old.

Giving him a curious look, Jo shook her dark blonde hair and readjusted it. "So, like I said....we have a lot to...do."

Gulping, he smiled at her, uncertain of what to do. Was she waiting for him to make the move? Did she expect to be seduced? Shaking away his nerves, he turned to face her, placing one hand on her thigh, giving her what he thought was a sultry look. "So...we do have a lot to do..."

Too quickly, a giggle escaped Jo's lips. "Oooh, Jason are you gonna seduce me? Is that what's gonna happen?"

"It sure is," he pressed on, trying his best to ignore the giggle and hope that it was due to her excitement. "Now, let me help you out of these clothes..." He slid his hand along the top of her thigh and began to gently lift up her light blue Disney princess dress. In a few moments, he could see her black underwear beneath it, her athletic, slender looking thighs now in full view.

"You sure this is what you want?" Jo gave him a confused look. "You want to take charge, or would you rather I did?"

"Er, I mean, yeah I do..." He said, his hesitation nearly costing him. Although it would be tempting to surrender and admit that he wanted to be dominated by her, he could't quite bring himself to do it. Sure she had a nice, slender figure but Jo was really not very good looking at all, especially as he thought again about how horsey she looked.

I am out of her league, he mused to himself. But he shook that thought away; it was juvenile and pathetic. Leagues don't exist! Realising that he could still save some face here by pretending to be more dominant than he really was, he pressed on gamely. Looking her in the eyes, he leaned forward and kissed her passionately, swirling his tongue around to intertwine with hers.

Jo let out a small gasp of pleasure as she reciprocated the kiss, giggling as she pulled him over her so he was practically on top of her, still on the sofa. With such large teeth, Jason tried not to wince as she made loud, 'smacking' sounds with her lips, dragging her tongue from side to side inside his mouth.

"Hmmmm, maybe I can let you...take over," She sighed. "I wasn't sure if those messages...if they....were role play?"

Turning to stone for a moment, Jason considered his options. Tell her the truth, that it was not role play, and actually serving her feet as though she were a queen would be a wonderful fantasy for him. On the other hand....he could actually keep up the pretence that it was all just role play and in fact, he was a 'real' man who wanted to seduce her the traditional way. She was a princess - dressed like one literally in this case - and he could be her Prince Charming...

Jason leaned forward again and kissed her with enthusiasm, causing her to moan softly. Moving his hand around her groin, he gently spread out his fingers over her panties to explore around this area. With the girls he had been with, Jason was never exactly a stud, but he did know how to pleasure women.

Jo's breaths became more rapid and her moans louder. "Jason...Jason...you've always been the one. I've loved you...loved you for years..."

This caused Jason to arch his head back; he couldn't go through with it. Looking at him quizzically, Jo shot up an arm to steady him on his shoulder.

"What's wrong, love? What is it?" Her pretty blue eyes widened, making the creases around them even more pronounced than usual. "Did I...say too much?"

"It's not you," Jason lied. Before he could complete the cliche, it was already too late. "It's...me."

Jo rolled her eyes at this. "Yeah, I've heard that one before. So how is it me?"

Taking a breath and realising that it was only fair to Jo to be honest, Jason gave her an uncertain look. "Jo...those messages...it wasn't...role play."

She observed him shrewdly. "I'm confused, Jason. So why-"

"I didn't know how I would feel until I saw you, until I was...with you..." He interrupted her, which only made her more abrasive.

"Didn't know how you would feel? What the hell does that mean? I know how I feel about you, Jason Goddard. I love you - I've been in love with you for years. You're the cutest, smartest guy that I've ever been remotely close to in my life. The other boyfriends I've had, not that there've been many, have been dicks. They've wanted sex and they've got sex. They've dominated me - expected me to be some submissive little loser who will suck their cock whenever they click their finger. Plus, none of them have been close to how good looking you are."

Jason felt a touch of pride. He was better looking than he gave himself credit for. His issues with confidence were not due to how he thought he looked however, it was due to his burgeoning foot fetish which had gradually convinced him that he could never satisfy a 'hot' girl. Yet, this was full on - they had never been close. Clearly, he had meant a lot more to her at university than she had to him!

"So, after you started sending those text messages, I was so intrigued! Here you are, the man of my dreams offering to be my servant! I thought you were joking at first. Then, when you kept it going, I started to think maybe there's a chance with you. I mean, a few months back when we met in London, I couldn't tell if you just weren't interested or just totally unsure of yourself. But those messages, you gave me this confidence - you made me feel like I was a queen who should be treated right! So, I broke up with my boyfriend. He was such a dick." She rolled her eyes at this.

Jason tried to interject but she silenced him with a look. "Then you let your little secret slip...." At this point, she let out a nervous laugh. "Again, I wasn't sure if it was part of some game or just a bit of fun. So, I had to know for sure - the only way I could tell what you wanted, whether it was just to get an easy lay, or to actually be my devoted servant, or if it was to be my actual boyfriend, the man of my dreams....I had to see you."

"So...like I said, I didn't how I would feel until I...saw you..." His words trailed off as Jo slipped off each of her black plimsolls, revealing her bare feet. "I mean, like I said, I wasn't sure..."

Jo giggled. "What's wrong, lost your train of thought?" As she spoke, she lifted up her feet and then placed them in his lap. "So do you have a foot fetish or not? Was that not role-play also?"

Thoughts of rubbing Jo's sweaty socks all over his face returned as he breathed in the slightly cheddary, leathery scent that emanated from her bare feet. He began to speak but Jo interrupted him.

"I've had a looong night singing and dancing. Would you like to rub my feet?" This was the first time that Jason had seen Jo's bare feet, let alone had them in his lap. Instantly, a boner began to build in his pants, making Jo giggle louder as she felt it nudge against her heels. All thoughts of Jo not being the most attractive woman, or having a horsey mouth, or cheekbones that were too high evaporated immediately. Jason had to admit, these were gorgeous feet!

"You like?" Jo said with a smile, it widening as Jason nodded as if in reverence of her feet. "Like I said, you can rub them now if you want?"

The mood seemed to have shifted. Jo was starting to take control and Jason had to admit that he liked it. It felt natural, reassuring even, that she had now taken the lead and that he was in a subservient position to her.

"Uh, sure," He mumbled. Jason wrapped both hands around Jo's right foot, finding it pleasantly soft in his fingers. He slid his hands around the whole foot, from the heel up to the toes, not really sure of where to begin. Then he remembered his ex girlfriend from years ago, Vicki - he gave her many foot rubs. Using one hand to steady her foot, he began kneading his thumbs against the centre of her slightly-wrinkled sole. There was no denying it - Jo's feet were even better than he had imagined in his dreams! They were soft yet powerful, cheesy-smelling yet gloriously-scented.

"I think I've got my answer," Jo said softly, her expression one of contentment. "So your foot thing....I totally accept. You've got nothing to worry about."

Jason smiled, feeling more grateful as ever as he pressed gratefully away at her bare sole, loving every feel of each finger on her foot. "Thank you, Jo."

"I've always thought that you were such a hottie. Honestly, to have the biggest crush in my life rub my feet is kinda hard to process. I love you - I have for years. And now you're mine! You're gonna be my boyfriend! A boyfriend who I fancy the pants of, is kind and sweet and gives the best foot rubs in the world! I've hit the jackpot!" Jo sighed happily as she leaned back, stretching out her toes a little. "Man, you and I are gonna have a LOT of fun together!"

An uneasy feeling swirling around his stomach, Jason didn't know what to say. Surely, he had made it clear that the messages were not role-play and he very much wanted to serve her like a queen, not be her actual boyfriend! Then again, her interpretation of him being a devoted servant to her was probably very much akin to entering a loving relationship together. Feeling torn; on the one hand, her feet were beautiful, yet to actually be her boyfriend, to be seen with her in public...

"So tomorrow, d'you wanna meet my parents? They'll be so excited! The only other boyfriends I've introduced them to have been such losers." Jo chuckled, giving him a cheerful smile. "Don't worry, they'll think you're awesome. It's only me who will know about your fetish - I won't even tell my two sisters!" She added, assuming that Jason's lack of enthusiasm was due to fear of his secret being revealed.

"Jo, I..."

"So how long have you had a foot fetish for?" Jo asked, a look of eager curiosity on her face. "I want to know EVERYTHING! Everything about your fetish, everything about you; everything!"

Letting out an awkward sigh, Jason looked Jo in the eyes as realised he had to make a decision right now. Could he pretend to be actual boyfriend, rather than fulfil this fantasy of being a foot slave to her?

To be continued!
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