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Rated: E · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2149263
A lost stapler on Valentine's day, brings two boys a bit closer.
         Jason was sitting at his desk, working hard on a school paper. Yes, on Valentine’s day, he was working. He bit his thumb nail as he looked around his desk, and realized that he forgot his stapler at school. He cussed to himself about how forgetful he was. But while he was doing that, Tom was standing just outside his door with a pastel pink gift bag. He knocked lightly, and Jason sighed. “Come in.” Tom stepped into the dim office, holding the bag behind his back. “What’s up, Tommy?” Tom let his hair hang in front of his eyes as he shyly said those words he planned “Happy Valentine’s day, Jay.” He set the bag on the desk, and Jason looked at him. He opened the bag, and pulled out his stapler and a few boxes of candy. He gasped, and stood up, hugging Tom “Thank you! Oh my gosh, how’d you get it?” Tom looked up at him “I have my ways.” Jason laughed and kissed his boyfriend’s cheek. Tom smiled and nuzzled up to him. The two had never had a better Valentine’s day since.
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