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by Nomad
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The World is taken over by the Happy mouse, but he isn't happy anymore.
The Bloody Mouse

The Year is 2045; the world is seeing its first Global dictatorship. Disney, the entertainment company that everyone loved. Back in 2020, Disney used its worldly connections to form its own private military and had been using them to gain power within the world, as well as producing everything from animated movies to nuclear warheads. All under the curtain of the mouse, their happy mascot, now struck fear into many around the world. Talking against the mouse meant you never came home, and as riots filled the streets, the Mickey Riot Police filled the streets, armed with shields and tear gas, the MRP quelled the riots and forced the occupants back into their homes. However, with every riot that was resolved, three more would happen elsewhere in the world. The Mouse's Grip on the world was slowly getting smaller, and smaller. Throughout the world Freedom Fighters, known as "TomorrowMen" fought against Mickey's Reich, destroying statues and bombing re-education centers. With every bomb, a new light opens up; slowly the world will regain its freedom in this whimsical war against the mouse. As the re-education center burned, a warped animatronic voice sang that tune, that ungodly tune, which once instilled jubilance within those who heard it during their annual Disney trip. But now that tune, only burned into those forced to listen to it, over and over during the re-education process " it's a small world after-a-a-a--aalll..." the last few words rang out as the animatronic slowly melted.

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