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Synopsis and first 10 chapters
Part 1: After you have read "The First Crisis: Internal" , write a brief synopsis of your CC's first crisis. Make sure it is an internally generated crisis.

Joshua realizes he is dead, but he cannot leave his work unfinished. He chooses poorly.

Part 2: List the Functional Names of your first ten chapters


1. V1: Joshua Barney: An otherwise ordinary day

2. V2: JB: In the thick of it all

3. V3: JB: LCE, Death comes after all

4. V1 – Introduce Constance (Connie) Moseleigh at age 16 (1879) Life as usual.

5. V2- Connie Moseleigh at age 18 (1881) Prelude to LCE: Marries Dennis Smith

6. V3- Connie Moseleigh at age 21 (1884) LCE: Gift from Aunt Maude

7. CC: Minor Conflict: 1814. No Going Back.

Annie, Joshua’s first wife arrives to guide Joshua. He cannot go. His work in this world is not done. A conscious choice is made to subdue the dictates of his faith. It is not hard because war took care of that “affliction” long ago.

To survive he must find a host and that is his son. It will soon become apparent that a body cannot house two souls without consequences, but Joshua has a job to do and little care of consequences.

8. CC: Wants to be last Revolutionary War Veteran to cross over, but won’t go with a Brit.

Joshua staring into the tunnel and is being drawn towards the light.... Then he digs in his heels and refuses to leave this life because he would have to enter it with the sworn enemy and he can’t do it. The worm hole closes and he finds himself trapped, neither alive or dead trapped … again.

9. CC: Final attempt to cross over, but…. trapped However, he has no place in this nether world and a counter spirit is sent to drag him back to the dimension he rightly belongs. Failing that, Joshua must be contained.

10. CC and Constance Moseleigh cross paths.

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