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Overcoming what held me back...
Defeating the Dragon

On the quest that is life, I do believe
we must slay our Detrimental Dragons to get beyond
that which holds us back, does not allow us to rise.
We are only allotted a specific time
and thus must harness our power--
only then can we rest.

Seemed forever until I could travel beyond
the Mountains of Despair and watch the sun rise
with joy. I remember that once upon a time
I wore a Cloak of Unremitting Darkness: no power
could dispel. Yet I refused to spend the rest
of my life drowning. I had to believe

in me. Climbing through tangled, thorny branches to rise
over the Barrier Hedge, I learned that it was time
to rely on me. No one else could do this. I had the power
deep within. I could triumph or spend the rest
of my days slogging through the Bog of Blight. Had to believe
I could leave the Nightmares behind to reach Land of Beyond.

The Clock of Choices was ticking down: it was time
to make changes. No one else could have power
over me, but me. In the Cave of Left Behind, I put to rest
the Terrors of Never Good Enough. I began to believe
it did not matter what others thought. Determined, I went beyond
my castle walls and shook of the cloak. Without wings, I felt myself rise.

Clouds parted. I was gilded in sun's warmth. Felt full of the Power
of Me. Didn't matter if I were skinny or beautiful or rich--the rest
of them could leap off the Cliff of Destruction. Could finally believe
I had much to offer. The clock struck 50, but I was beyond
time mattering because I was. Finally. Was. Watch the phoenix rise
to fly, wings spread, flashing fire. This was my time

to shine; even the rising star was dimmed. My smile enveloped the rest
of me in new Cloak of Catharsis. At long last even others began to believe
in the Me-ness. I could do what I wanted. There was no Beyond
I couldn't attempt. I opened the Book of Journeys, inked my quill, and wrote the word Rise
upon the page. For a brief moment, the clock stopped. In that space, I had all the time
in the world to create the Journeys I would take. I had that Power.

The realization: I could and did Believe led me Beyond
my wildest imaginings. Time experienced led me to the Rise.
There is Power in knowing I can. Knowing will take care of the Rest.

Prompt for: Feb 16 (Fyn)
Subject or Theme: Overcoming Dragons -a dragon you've overcome, defeated, triumphed over!
Word(s) to Include: triumph, catharsis, create, beyond (or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): trust, pain, fear, abuse, hurt (or any derivatives of these words)
Additional Parameters:6 stanzas, at least 6 lines per stanza; final stanza of 3 lines. rhyming or not. Title MUST include the word 'dragon.'
This poem may end up being beyond an 18+ rating. It is okay as long as the 'intro' rating stays at 18 or below.
Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.

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