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by Dragyn
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2149423
Can anyone survive 4 days without going online?
My parents didn’t pay the phone bill last week,
and the consequences sure were bleak.
I couldn’t text, play games, or surf the ‘net,
and that’s an experience I’ll never forget!

I went four days without going online,
and it left me feeling less than fine.
I had no Facebook, Twitter, or social media,
and for school, I had to consult an encyclopedia!

My phone and tablet were rendered useless,
to where they nearly went juiceless.
I checked every day to see if service was restored,
and after the third day, I nearly roared.

For 96 hours, I was bored out of my wits-
I even considered learning how to knit.
Unfortunately, that would’ve required Youtube,
so instead I finally solved my Rubik’s cube.

My sister started crying when her videos disappeared,
and we all missed when Pitch Perfect 3 premiered.
We’ll never let Mom and Dad forget what they’ve done-
without the internet, they took away all our fun!

20 lines
for "The Writer's Cramp
Prompt: "*Irritated*WINNER and NEW PROMPT due 17-Feb-2018"  
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