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Della goes to the grocery store.

         Della Mae never expected her day to be quite so exciting. Of course, then maybe she hadn’t been paying much attention to what was going on around her either. She’d been out squirrel hunting early that morning when gran had sent her to the store. Gran didn’t often ask much of her since she tended to ‘’wool gather’ ’as Gran put it. She was still a bit unsure of what that may imply. But she was sure dog gone happy to go all the same. One of the reasons why Gran didn’t worry too much was because the super was at least in walking distance. So, Della took off quick a she was able.

         Della gave pause once she entered the store. She wasn’t quite sure what cinnamon was. She was lucky to be one of the few gran babies that could read. Dale was one of the oldest at 13, and even he still had trouble. Maybe she could ask somebody here. She wandered a bit looking for the elusive item. She was getting hungry looking at all the food.

         It was a bit unnerving for Della, walking around by herself. The aisles here all looked white as a corpse. Della had some idea since she went to the deputy mayor’s wife’s funeral. Sharon used to babysit for them when Della was real little. Della had never quite been able to rid the image from her head. How unnaturally still the body was and the somber mood of the occasion.

         Gran didn’t like her going nowhere on her own. It was too easy for her to get lost in her own head. And gran said that only lead to disaster. Della soon found herself staring at a ball of yarn. She’d taken up the hobby as the doctor told her she’d need to take it easy now. Gran had not taken that well. But she did have some lovely yarn at her disposal. Della wondered if she might like what Della was currently looking at. But maybe not, since she only Della enough to get what was on the list and go home.

         She hurried in getting what they needed. Gran wouldn’t appreciate her lolly gagging. Della didn’t want to give her a reason to go over her if she could help her. Gran was good to her. But she didn’t suffer fools. And Della was determined to prove Gran’s faith in her.

         She passed a man holding a camera. Della had always wanted to take up photography. But it was more money than what they had. For now, she kept her mouth shut. Maybe one day she could take it up like her mom had back in the day. Della quickly gathered her items and got in the checkout line. Gran would be proud of her today she thought.

         On the walk home, she noticed a bulletin board for cheesy potato fries. It looked darn good. Her stomach was really protesting now. Hopefully Darleen had put the kettle on. When she finally got home she breathed a sigh of relief. She brought everything to the kitchen before joining her little sis in front of the tv.

         Gracie had chewed a hole through the sleeve in her semi new pink teddy pajamas. Gran was not going not be amused there. She distracted the child and they watched tv together. She could hear remnants of gran’s conversation with the insurance man. One of pa’s exes had taken a sledgehammer to the toilet. Which was just plain rude to Della. Now they had to fight over the upstairs or brave the outhouse outside. Della didn’t trust that at all. Della hoped gran could get that issue settled. It wasn’t easy doing things with so many of them in the same house. But gran managed it all well enough. Della had absolute faith that gran would succeed here as well. She always had and she would again.

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