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Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2149464
These Creatures are Frightening-A Screams!!! Win
Creepy Creatures of the Dark

He was chasing me, the man with the big round eyes and the bulbous nose. His enormous mouth flapped violently in mechanical fashion, nipping at me in pursuit. Jaundiced and dirty, the face that neared me sported a furry mono-brow. Gigantic hands with missing digits grabbed at me. His friend, a shorter and stubbier version of him, was close on his heels. The gap between us narrowed. Doom was evident, if escape eluded.

In the distance, I spied my doorway of emancipation. Hope soared, as I converged on the entryway. In a lunging motion, I leaped through the portal, slamming the door behind me. The sound of the duo crashing into the wall filled me with momentary relief. The evil that stalked me had been avoided.

Immediately, I was plunged into a well of darkness with surroundings unknown. My senses heightened from fear of the foreign terrain before me. I could actually feel my pupils dilate in response to the eclipse of the room. Inching my way across the expanse with the expectation of freedom, I was captured by panic as the outline of intruders visualized. Warning of danger, the hair on my neck electrified. Etched skeletons of horror crouched in the foreground. Figures of gloom blocked my progression. The murky darkness prohibited clarity of vision of the freakish ogres in my path. I screamed a screeching yelp of desperation. An echo of menacing laughter resounded. They were fencing me in, these creatures of fur and pinpoint eyes. Zombies of some alien zoo were invading my sanity. Terror triggered my fight or flight reaction. My fists pummeled the air before me as I ran to the outskirts of the room. Sweat dripped from my brow as filtered wisps of light allowed me to see my enemies. Beastly paws reached, trying to ensnare me in their grip. A wave of heart palpitations caused me to rouse from the sobering, somber nightmare.

I turned my head to see the entire cast of Sesame Street in my closet. Stuffed furry mongrels,the cause of my childhood nightmares, mocked me from their resting place. Bert, Ernie, Oscar, Elmo, and the damn Cookie guy filled my heart with dread. I refuse to even discuss the two-hundred pound yellow bird pecking at me in my dreams.

Word Count 384
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2149464-Creepy-Creatures-of-the-Night