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Marina Fills With Mysterious Orange Water (Dubai)
By Lisa Noe

In Dubai yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency was notified of a substance at Phelps Marina, Which turned the water mysteriously orange.
People swimming in the water started becoming ill and had to be hospitalized. The agency has quarantined the area around the Marina until they can investigate.
Fourteen people have been hospitalized due to the toxic water. George Stafford, a chemical analyst for the agency, said they would be conducting tests until the substance is identified. According to Stafford

"the substance could be chemical runoff from a nearby coal mines." He stated, "There have been several mines in the area, who have not complied with safety and environmental policies. We believe these mines or at least one of them is the culprit in this matter of the polluted water at the marina."

"The mines we are looking at," said Stafford, "is the number three mines at the top of the mountain, above the marina. They have been continually fined for not adhering to the laws set forth by the EPA."

Also according to Stafford the owner of the mines has been fined for not adhering to safety issues within the mines.

"Last month three miners were killed on the job, due to failure of the mines to pull the men out when they were encountered by Black damp. Black damp is an extremely fatal and poisonous gas that is trapped within the mountain where the mines are located. Every year in this country thirty to forty miners are killed by this substance. We don't believe this has anything to do with the orange coloring of the marina water, however, it shows the lack of care on the mine foreman's work ethics."

The marina is going to be closed indefinitely until the substance is identified and removed from the water. Tammy Christian, was one of the victims, who became sick after swimming in the marina.

"I have been in the hospital for two days since I went swimming and got sick, my symptoms were a headache and vomiting, I also was dizzy and had double vision."

Of the fourteen people, who became ill, four have died of their illness. Two others are in serious condition.
Christian, will continue to be hospitalized for at least another week.

The EPA will have a mine inspector to verify whether or not the runoff is coming from the number three mines or if there is another more sinister reason for the orange coloring like someone deliberately pouring chemicals into the water, Stafford stated

" you can't be too careful these days or too quick to blame the mines, as we are having a time with the terrorists in the world."

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