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An old man professes his love to a girl half his age. Written for Dialogue 500 contest.
“Please… I’m begging you, it may be my only chance; my one last true love.”
“There, there now sugar, it’s ok. Everything’s going to be all right. You just rest your little head now.”
“You don’t understand… it’s was like love at first sight, from the time I laid my good eye upon you.”
“Here, let’s go ahead and give your medicine now.”
“I don’t need no stinkin’ medicine… just tell me sweetheart, tell me it’s just as real for you as it is for me.”
“Mr. Johnson, you really are too kind… but a gentleman like you, and an old middle-aged hag like me. Now tell me really, where do you plan for us to run off to?”
“We could do like I remember in the good ol’ days… how’d you like to sneak out the back gate, hide in the bushes behind the courtyard…. What’d ya say?”
“Oh honey, it’s so close to bed time, and it’s surely past curfew… here, how about I just fluff up your pillows, and give you just a little something extra to help you fall asleep? M’kay? Besides, you know I got three hungry teenagers I got to get dinner for when I clock out and go home.”
“Aw, those young whipper snappers can handle themselves. Come on, just one night, let tonight be the night. Just you and me Stephanie.”
“Mr. Johnson, would you like me to turn the T.V. on for you tonight?”
“Ahh, rubbish… that’ll ruin the mood, that’s all.”
“Did you eat your supper all gone this evening? What was it today, meatloaf and mashed potatoes?”
“Quit changing the subject darnit! Just tell me… take one good look, and tell me you won’t miss me when you leave tonight… the sparkle in my eye… hmm?”
“Mr. Johnson, you are without a doubt one of the most persistent, and the sweetest patients I’ve had the pleasure of waiting on. But you know it could never work out…”
“Yeah… you’re probably right… I’m too adventurous and spritely for you anyhow, huh?”
“Much too adventurous… now, just take a deep breath and relax before you give yourself a heart attack. I’ll tell you what, I promise one good night kiss for the road, how does that sound?”
“Sounds…. Ppp…. Zzzzz”
“Goodnight Mr. Johnson. Sweet dreams.”
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