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I am transported to my favorite game.

’Twas a November evening with winds at the pane;
I was glad to be home and removed from the rain.
For the sake of relax and to minimize stress,
I sat down at my laptop again to play chess.

There are players all over the world on this site;
England, Russia, Hong Kong, Germany a delight.
How the Internet lets one connect ‘round the Earth!
For a nominal fee, I get my money’s worth.

With my eyes on the screen, I attained my repose;
there was sand in my eyes so I stared to doze.
When I woke I was suddenly whisked far away;
I found myself a pawn in computerized play.

There I stood on the board fronting towering King;
(I believe the King whispered, “The play is the thing.”)
To his left stood the Queen with her crown all aglow;
conscious I, a mere pawn in white army’s front row.

Movement came as the bishops and knights offered stares;
it was I who was moved on the board a few squares.
  (This is chess, ergo precision must have its due;
  so the few squares I speak of are precisely two.)

Now across from me another pawn made a move,
and it seemed plain to me he was there to reprove.
For he stood right in front on me, on the next square,
as if he were to say, You ain’t going nowhere!

Then a flurry of pieces began one by one;
(it was clear that the chess opening had begun.)
First the knights, then the bishops, a pawn for defense;
I was caught in a Ruy Lopez* game of suspense.

I looked back and I noticed my King was secure;
(my concern genuine, castling² did occur.)
In fact, both sides had castled, and middle game scrap
ended up in an endgame with tension on tap.

It was my blessed fortune to remain afoot,
and I did not intend to resign nor stay put.
So I cautiously made my way to the back rank
where from cup of promotion I cheerfully drank.

It assured victory--me becoming a Queen;
(victories do abound, though they’re often unseen.)
In my humble opinion, I managed chess fame
when one night as a pawn I was part of the game.

40 Lines
Anapestic Tetrameter
Writer’s Cramp Co-Winner

* The Ruy Lopez is a famous and popular chess opening.

² Castling involves moving both the King and a rook at the
  same time--it gets the King into safety.

In chess, if a pawn makes it to the back rank, he gets
promoted, usually to a Queen.
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