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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Dark · #2149728
What started as an exorcise in writing nothing but dialog turned into a story of sorts.
Kate and David.

“Have you ever heard someone say 'I will sell my soul for,' you know, something, like a million dollars or like a new car?”
“Yeah, all though I'm not sure it works that way. It's just a saying, like 'I'm going to drown a puppy'”
“What? No one says that. Who would drown a puppy? They're so cute!”
“Well, no one would, but it's just a, you know, saying like...”
“Are you going to drown my puppy?”
“Shit no, and she's our puppy.”
“Not if you're going to drown her she isn't.”
“I'm not going to drown Cuddle-Puff. Which is still a stupid name by the way.”
“We drew names out of a hat. Which ones did you put in there?”
“I don't want to talk about it.”
“Okay: String-Bean...”
“Yeah, that one. You really think we would be better off with a dog named 'String Bean'?”
“Anyway, you were saying?”
“I was saying? Oh yeah, selling ones soul to the devil.”
“Never had the urge. Have you?”
“Well I did, once. It was a bad experience.”
“I can imagine. Wait, you sold your soul? When did this happen?”
“Before we met obviously. It's a long story.”
“We have a six hours plane ride. I think we have time.”
“Fine. I warned you. It was about ten years ago and I wanted...”

Kate and mom.

“Mom, I want to go to college. I want to major in astronomy.”
“Do you realize how expensive school is?”
“Yeah, I can take out a student loan.”
“I don't know sweetheart. That's a big decision. That's the rest of your life.”
“I know. It's what I want.”
“Okay, what do you need me to do?”
“Co-sign for the loan.”
“And if you don't pay it back? That's on me. There would have to be some kind of agreement between us that you will pay back the loan.”
“I will.”
“You still haven't paid me back for the car I HELPED you buy. That's only fifteen thousand. School will be three of four times that.”
“I know. When I have the money...”
“You still won't pay me back for this, or the car, which you wrecked not a year after I paid for it.”
“You don't think that I feel bad for that? Of course I do. This is different, this is for my future, not some car.”
“I don't think I can help you at this point. Maybe in a year or two I will. You have to prove to me that you are responsible enough to have that kind of loan.”
Fine, I'll find another way. With out you.”

Kate and Satan.

“I would sell my soul to be able to go back to school.”
“That can be arranged.”
“Who the hell are you?”
“That's funny. More than you know.”
“Why? Why is that funny?”
“I am here to buy your soul from you.”
“No. No way! This can't be happening.”
“You said those five little words, and I came to see if I can help.”
“You...you're the...what? I don't want to call you something you prefer not to be called.”
“Angel of Light, The Beast, Beelzebub, Belial, Dragon, Power of Darkness, Roaring Loin, The Devil, Satan, Lucifer. Take your pick. I do not fret over what people call me. For tonight, you may call me The Co-signer.”
“You're the devil? I never believed you were real.”
“A mistake that I don't mind overlooking. Many people do not believe I exist, but I assure you, I am very real. Truth be told, I am not that bad of a guy. Just...misunderstood. I am here to merely help those who need or want my help. If you do not wish my help, just say so and I'll leave. There are many more who want my help. I hear someone saying those five words now....”
“No! I want your help. Just tell me what to do.”
“You want to go back to school. For astronomy?”
“That's right.”
“Sign this contract, and it shall be done. Of course I get that if you just magically have a ton of money appear in your bank account, that might be a bit suspicious, so you will still have to go through the proper channels, this will guarantee that you will get the money that will send you back to the school of your choice.”
“I want to go to MIT. They have the best astronomy program.”
“Fine. Not cheap, but you will go to MIT. Full scholarship. Just sign here.”
“Let me grab a pen.”
“No, dear girl, not with a pen.”
“Yeah. Not much, just enough to sign with. Most people just prick the tip of their finger, I have had some people, for some reason, slit their wrists. I am not one to complain about violence, but jeez, you people can be so over dramatic sometimes.”
“Oh good, I want to keep as much of my blood as possible. Ouch.”
“I hope that didn't hurt that much.”
“A bit. Wait, before I sign, I want to be clear. I go to MIT, on a full scholarship, and you get my soul?”
“That is correct.”
“Don't you usually have some fine print in these things?”
“I used to, but people complained that I was being unfair, so I decided to be more transparent with these contracts. No fine print, no hidden fees. You fill out the loan paperwork, go to MIT, it is up to you to graduate of course, and in the end, I get your soul when you die.”
“I understand that graduating is left to me. Before I sign, I have one more question.”
“Yes, what is it?”
“What will you do with my soul?”
“Not sure yet. Maybe nothing. Maybe send you back to Earth to do my bidding. Maybe teach me about the cosmos. There are so many possibilities, I usually don't decide that until you make your appearance in my home. Now girl, please sign. Your future depends on it.”
“Okay. Sigh.”
“There, that wasn't too hard. Remember to fill out the loan paperwork as soon as you can. Well, at least before you die.”
“Shit, you won't kill me will you? I mean, you will let me at least graduate, and find a job. I mean, let me live my life out? I do want to die of old age.”
“My dear, you have already signed. But, I don't normally interfere with lifespans. Just what happens in the afterlife.”

David and Kate.

“That explains how you were able to go to MIT. I wish I knew your secret when I was younger.”
“It's not that easy. There is more to it.”
“Like when I changed my mind.”
“But you did go to MIT. When did you change your mind?”
“Shortly after I started going to MIT. There were...”
“What? There was what?”
“There were things happening that I could not explain. Things that made me want to...”
“What? You can tell me.”
“Can I?”

Kate and Dad.

“Hello? Dad?”
“Yeah, whats up? Are you okay?”
“No. No I'm not. I have something...I...I...found your mother this morning. She had taken a bunch of pills and...”
“Dad, what are you telling me?”
“Your mothers dead. I am so sorry to have to tell you over the phone.”
“Oh my god!”

David and Kate.

“You told me she died in a car accident!”
“I was embarrassed that she would do such a thing. I mean, my mother popped a bunch of pills and drank then down with some cheap wine. I didn't want that to be my future, I was and am embarrassed. So I lied about it. Making a new truth. One that only I would know and have control over. After that, I spent the next year doing research about people who had sold their soul. There are only a few documented cases. Non of which where the person was able to get it back. I felt compelled to try to get my soul back. I even thought for a while: what if I sold my soul again to keep my soul. Would that even work? No. No It wouldn't work. I don't the devil would play that game.”
“So, what did you do?”
“I had to find out how I could break the contract. I spoke to priests, and rabbis, monks, clerics, ministers, padres. Anyone I could find that was willing to answer my questions. Some of those people did not want to partake in my Q&A. They passed me by, ignored me. Some laughed at me. Made me feel dumb. But I knew that somewhere out there was the answer I was seeking. And it happened to be in the most unlikely place.”

Kate and Dr. Jennings.

“Hello? I was told to see a Dr. Jennings?”
“Yes, hello, come in please. Have a seat.”
“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. I imagine you must be busy.”
“It's okay. It's good to take breaks every now and again. What can I do for you?”
“I have a problem, and I cannot seem to find an answer to solve it.”
“We are all looking for answers to questions. But it's not really the answers we seek is it? Instead it's the quest.”
“Um, sure? See, I have a unique problem and no one seems to be able or willing to help me in any fashion. I talked to a man named Fred a few days ago...”
“And my name came up.”
“Yes. Fred said that you might have some insight for me.”
“Okay, I'll play. What seems to be your boggle?”
“Well I guess I'll just get to it. I sold my soul...”
“And you want to get it back?”
“It was a mistake.”
“We all make mistakes.”
“Yes, but...”
“What makes your mistake any worse that anyone else's mistake? Why should I help you?”
“Why? Well...I've...my mom...”
“Let me stop you right there.”
“Is there a follow up for that?”
“No. I just don't want to hear anymore. I'm sorry.”
“You can't! You are literally my last hope. All my searching for years, and research, talking to hundreds of people, non of which had any answers to my problem. All I have done for the last three years have lead me to this point. I don't have anymore options.”
“And why should I help you? What happened to your mom?”
“She died a few years back.”
“And if the afterlife is real, I want to see her again there, where ever that is.”
“But you sold your soul, and you want to get it back so when you die you will be reunited with your poor sweet mother.”
“To put it that way, yes.”
“What way would you put it?”
“I made a terrible mistake, and I want to undo that mistake.”
“Listen to me...”
“Kate, millions of people make millions of mistakes everyday. Most never think twice about them, or regret them, or try to get back their soul back. A few have.”
“I want to know what I need to do.”
“It won't be easy, or very safe.”
“I'll do almost anything, just please tell me what I need to do.”
“Follow me.”
“What's up with the bathtub?”
“The water works as a conduit.”
“You have to be ready and willing to do anything. Once you start down this path there is no turning back.”
“Tell me what I need to do.”
“Lie down in the tub.”
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