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The exciting Black Bear hunting season is nearly on us. With spring comes the chance to harvest these majestic animals for food, pelts or both. In keeping with this here are some interesting black bear facts to help in your hunt.


Black bears are usually have all black fur. There is no surprise there. What some people might not know is that some bears have brown, cinnamon or blond colors inter-mixed with the black. Their muzzles are brown. In some bears, not all, there can be white streaks on the chest.


You can know where bears can be found by knowing what they eat. Black bears are normally omnivorous. They tend to eat fruit, nuts, insects, honey, salmon, small mammals and carrion.

In northern regions black bears will hunt spawning salmon. Occasionally, they will eat young deer or moose calves.


Knowing any animals habits can make them easier to find when you are hunting them.

Black bears are very adaptable, but they will be most prevalent in places with lots of vegetation, fruit and nuts. They can live in Tundra and forage in fields and meadows.

They are usually solitary but will forage in places with plenty of available food.

They will hibernate in winter depending on the weather and the availability of food. When food is plentiful black bears might not hibernate at all or only for short periods.

Females with cubs tend to den in winter and not go out. Those without cubs may venture out in winter.

Bears are able to smell cologne and perfume from up to 100 yards. Be careful of wearing scented things when bear hunting. It is better not to.


The black bear mating season is the summer. They gestate for 63 to 70 days. It is most common for a female to give birth to 2 cubs but having litters of 6 or 7 cubs is not unheard of.


The Canadian population of black bears is delightfully high. There are a reported 500 000 in Canada.

I hope these facts help you in your spring hunt. Enjoy.

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