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by K.HBey
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A way to be grateful by expressing my happiness for being rewarded preferred author.
I remember when I was a child at primary school; I used to tear up pages which were not perfectly written and to try again and again until that my writing was perfect. I got troubles to preserve my notebooks. I liked to write in ink pens. Now being an adult woman I still inquire about perfection.
Words, sentence then text and step by step someone learns how to write and loves writing.
I liked to write essays and got good marks. I liked to write letters especially with correspondences with friends around the world. It becomes a hobby for me to write, then a pleasure, then a passion.
I started to write in different web sites in 2010. It was difficult for me first to write and in English as a foreign language. However I so wanted to make the challenge.
I have studied English at school and continued further studies by my own.
Now I have realized a great step in writing especially as a foreigner who writes in English as a foreign language.
It still stays a lot to do and I have not yet achieved my goal in writing.
I feel myself lucky to write in such site writing.com which offers me such immense space which has brought me both human and intellectual wealth.
With being promoted to preferred author, I am proud, glad and feel in the same time a great responsibility to do my best in order to present a qualified writing and do further in writing art. That is in order to deserve such honor.
Today I have been rewarded and I am too grateful to such site and I have acquired a great motivation to present more writing pieces which serve both such art and population.
Many thanks to writing.com!

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