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A former supervillain finds a way to control his anger.
"Finn! How's it going?" a woman said from behind him.

"Oh, I didn't see you there. I'm okay. You're a good friend. You know, I haven't thanked you for your help yet. So, thanks," blond-haired Finian Dagget said, turning to face her.

She had red, wavy hair, jade-green eyes, and fair skin. She wore a long-sleeved, brown dress.

"It was nothing," she said.

"No, Esme, it was quite a bit. You know how I used to be."

"I know," Esmeralda whispered, "But you were worth it. And I couldn't just let you take over the world!"

"I appreciate it," Finian told her.

"And that horrid outfit you wore!" she reminded him.

"I suppose it was ugly. Well, I'd best go, now. I've got my music practice to go to."

"You never told me you were learning music."

"I'm using it to control my anger. I can't just blow up a couple buildings when I'm angry, anymore."

"Good luck!" Esmeralda called as Finian walked off.

The music shop had several different rooms. The main one was where you could buy musical instruments, books, and anything you could think of that was related to music. Then there were several rooms for music lessons and practices. Finian walked into the room with a music staff and complicated notes on the door.

Inside was a row of chairs with several people on them, holding their classical instruments. Finian noticed the woman with the moustache had managed to get there on time, and the man with fake teeth had no gum with him, for once. A bald conductor stood in front of the musicians. Finian walked over to the piano and sat down.

"Now that everyone is here," the conductor said, "We will continue practice from yesterday. Begin."

As Finian played the notes, he noticed the calming effect the music had on him. However, in the next room over, he heard a mess of electric guitars and drums start playing. The rock and roll band was playing perfectly, but the music reminded Finian too much of his previous works.

He used to love that music, but now it would escalate his rage and if it didn't stop soon, he would get extremely angry and start destroying things. Finian considered running away, but he didn't think he could get away from the noise fast enough. Then he realized he could still use his superpowers of odd influences for good.

Instead of Mozart, he began to play Sound of Silence. As soon as his fingers touched the keys, he used his powers to silence everything around him. All of the sounds became muffled with each note he played until everything became perfectly silent within a fifty foot radius.

Breath in, breath out, Finian told himself.

After a few moments to calm down, Finian began playing Sound of Silence again, except an octave higher, until sound returned.

In the back of the room, someone began clapping. A man with black hair stepped out of the shadows. Finian could see Esmeralda standing back a little farther.

"Good job! Mr. Dagget, are you a singer? I have need for someone as skilled as you," the man said. He glanced at Esmeralda, then said, "And it is not rock and roll."

Finian smiled.

"I'll think about it."

Finian walked in the shadows and up to Esmeralda.

"I recognize that man. A hero, right?"

"My boss at the Hero-Work Training Company. He thinks you have a lot of potential. I think you do, too. That's why we set up the band in the next room. He wanted to test you."

"Thanks, Esme. You're a really good friend."

"It's amazing to think we used to be enemies!" Esmeralda exclaimed, "You've come so far over the past month."

"Yeah, I guess I have. I was wondering, do – "

"Yes, I would. The Phoenix Returns in 3D, if you don't mind."

"How did you – "

"I can read minds," Esmeralda reminded him with a smile.

"Oh, right! That was how you always figured out my evil schemes. And I'll – "

"Oh, you would buy the popcorn? Thanks!"
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