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a very funny story.
A connection of useless, but funny stories.

         I woke up to the smell of bacon. It was a Friday, and I know I had to get to my job on time, which I had recently acquired. My wedding day was today and I was really looking forward to it. my bride was ultra-beautiful. I could contain my extreme feelings. Oh, and also my name is Erik.
As the bride walked down the isle she tripped and almost face planted. Erik started crying because he was getting married.
Due to the face plant his bride acquired amnesia and forgot who Erik was. Erik was heart broken and went to Lindt island in exile because he had grown to have fresh distaste for human life, also Erik quit hos stupid job.
"ahhhhh!" Sherama looked away from the scene unfolding before her "its not what you think!" Booka screamed. Sherama looked straight at him and threw the knife. John watched as the leprechaun dropped to the ground. He had done it, he had won the pot of gold. Clay was also very tired. He needs sleep.
         Once upon a time there was a kid on a bike, known as mike, yet he had a great flight. He began the race, but he could not keep up the pace, from the furry named Trace.
The legend of Trace the furry was well known throughout the land, his reign of terror had plagued the people for 40 years. No one knew where he came from, but he ruled in Japan, in order for him to keep up strength he had to watch anime and eat lots of sushi.
He looked her in the eyes her deep blue eyes looked longingly at him, "onii-chan p-please", "no!!" "Tanaka yelled at her. "onii-chan love me like I love you", his stern face dripped with sweat he moved away from her, "ONII-CHAN LOOK AT ME."
He died the next morning because of childhood obesity. Fat people were banned from society.
I was at the zoo and a lion escaped. Everyone ran for their lives and some jumped in the pond thinking they could escape.
In the morning I ate bacon then got ready for my wedding. Erik will enjoy his wedding. After the wedding I contacted the photographer to make posters.

Thanks to my Essay writing class for the help.

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