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Oppressed by liberals?...Here's your new SLANG terms to get even...
I say the over 50, oppressed Conservatives should start making their own "slang" terms...I just made up some of my own...Here Ya Go Guys...
-"French Breading It"- to tear open and apart the nonsense of a stupid topic or conversation"Man, she French-Breaded that guy when she said DACA is comprised of more than 70% criminal offenders and backed it up with proof"
-Carrot-Topping: When a person of Irish decent tells off someone who isn't real good
-Hopalongphobic-a person who isn't only irrationally afraid of guns(hoplophobic), but all Cowboy,western and Country Music in general
-PIMPLE-Person Insisting on Mentioning Personal Liberal Egomania -"She's a real PIMPLE, Why does she keep bringing up her sexual "identity" when no one even mentioned it or cares?
-SMOOTHIE- Socialist Monopolizing Of Others Thoughtful Helpful Intelligent Entertainment-"Geesh, I was reading this post about how nice my Russian/Polish Grandma's house was etc...And that SMOOTHIE piped up and made fun of Russians"
-LIBTROLL- Liberal Idiotic Bully Trying to Reduce Other's Laughs and Lightheartedness..."Oh no, the LIBTROLL is back posting hateful remarks on our group again"
-POPCORN AND NUTS- when a person interrupts and makes a statement that makes NO SENSE AT ALL, even if it was on topic.. "We were all sitting around talking about what we like to eat for dinner. One of us said Mexican food gives them heartburn, and then this wacko comes in outta nowhere, and said,"Mexicans clean your house! You're a NAZI!" ...Yeah, she was all POPCORN AND NUTS"
-REVERSE HOGSMOSIS- when someone(usually a liberal, often a toxic naricssist) twists what you say , and diverts the topic to be all about them
-this post in progress, I will be adding more as i come up them
-PELOSIFYING- when you try to get approval for something without saying what it is you actually want to do BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT'S UNDER-HANDED AND WRONG
-FARTSCINATION- The act of someone pretending to like and take part of something, only so they can stink it up and ruin it for others."She really wanted nothing to do with her home town, left it as soon as she could, then came back as a two-face. We all saw through her FARTSCINATION though.
-SIDEWALK TOAD- someone who purposefully puts themselves in the middle of something, does or says something repulsive, and then croaks about being stepped on'"Why did that SIDEWALK TOAD call us NAZIS? When we were just reminiscing about food and family?".."Yeah, she TOAD-ally Sidewalk Toad-ed you ,What a TOAD"
-Fairy Godlessmother-someone who percieves themselves as the savior and champion of what they wrongfully believe are the oppressed and misinformed. Their motive is ego-based and for their own benefit
-Objectiflying-blowing things way out of proportion and repeat things out of context to cause friction and crisis where none existed prior to their treachery
-BUTTMINT- a half-assed(pun intended) apology meant to cause further damage that makes the person sending the BUTTMINTS even more repulsive..."Sorry that beotch said you were rude, and then said she only meant you were un-educated, not rude. Wow, She must have stock piles of BUTTMINTS in her liberal candy dish I guess"
-Dupasitory- the total sum a liberal's parroted learning is stored there...(Dupa is Slovak for Butt)
-SCAPEGLOATING-when a liberal blames their sorry ass life on another and then brags about how they supposedly achieved great success, in spite of "rising above " all the non-existent oppression
-CHUMBUCKET- a female, usually very unattractive, who tries to get sexual attention for herself by falsely accusing others of sexually harassing her
-ZIPPERMONGER- A liberal, emotionally unstable feminazi who insults a man's manhood out of her own repressed irrational fears
-TITSNATCHER-A Liberal Lesbian who is rude and antagonistic towards heterosexual women who do not promote the Homosexual lifestyle, even if the hetero women were not even mentioning the lesbian's sexual status
-HOURGLASSING- When a liberal realizes they are losing an argument and tries to change the subject, Only to realize their time has run out
-SINDICATION-The repetitive,worn-out remarks and tell-tale signs left that are the hallmark of a real liberal moron, Usually promoting something that goes against the nature of common-sense, decent behavior, and polite conversation
-DOGWHISTLING- when a Liberal troll attacks you online, Then calls to their aid other liberals ,while pretending the other liberals came on their own accord
-PetDoor-ing- sending out stupid,gullible people to do your dirty work for you while you hide behind your facade of innocence
-CRYSTAL BALL BOWLING- When someone thinks they know it all, then end up in the social gutter,ignored and made fun of
-CECALFECAL-When a liberal verbally craps all over your convo, then has to eat their words(cecal feces are the first feces a rabbit eats an then poops out again)
-TURDKNUCKLE- to incriminate oneself with so much gusto as to inflict pain,"Anthony Weiner got caught multiple times soliciting from minors. As far as his career?, He really turd-knuckled that one"
-DAISY-DROPPER- a fool who thinks being tolerant and all inclusive will bring world peace,"He thinks guns are bad , and that we should let everyone into the country without checking their background, What a Daisy-Dropper"
-White-Out- the act of trying to remove the dignity and the history of the Caucasian race through propaganda and lies,"He was white-outing when he said Republicans tried to prevent the end of slavery because Dems made the Jim Crow Laws and tried to prevent outlawing slavery"

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