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I always wanted to write down my thoughts about life and here it goes
Life is a hard process to live. We realize a lot through life, like who our friends are and who we find to love. We realize the meaning of life as we grow older and older, no matter what we do, the choices we make define who we are and how we learn from it. I have learned over the years that as humans we have much to learn and much to conquer in life. We have the ability to make someone happy, sad, or even in love with us and yet we stand-bye and wonder what we did. As humans, we also have the ability to tell ones past just by being around them and we have the ability to tell when someone is having a bad day or if someone is feeling down. These abilities are numerous to what we can do as humans. There is much to learn and much to master as one would say, because there are numerous things we can do we just haven't figured everything out. We can be wise and can be smart and we could be the absolute best towards someone or even everyone and we still go on and learn. We have a tendency to learn and we have the curiosity to learn more and more about life and what it means to be yourself. Each of us have a calling and each of us has something that we are made to do whether we realize it or not. People tend to be people, animals tend to be animals, but there is a small part of each of us that we can be the other. Life is full of mystery, life is full of understanding who we are and what we are. Sometimes we ma think that our life is meaningless, and sometimes it might seem like there is no good path to go, but we always find our true nature as we go on with our lives. There is always the past that we look on and wonder if we could of changed it to make it better, but the decisions we made were the result of who we are. You can't change the past, you can only make the future better. Each of us have something that we dream of and each of us have a vision on how we want to live our life. The only way we make it through the day, or the week, or the month, or even the year, is the accomplishments we make and the will to go on. The will to strive for a better you and a will to so your part in life.
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