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Gonzo, free-verse. Title and last lines are palindromes.
sculpted Hunter's ashes with Crazy Glue:
caught the last act of Bazooko's Circus

reached the end of the internet: rewind
must have missed something sacred in my search

damn this eternally sucking ebb-tide
Mercury meunstration in retrograde

male seahorse delivering the baby
Aibohphobia, (fear of palindromes)

bi-polarizing back-beat-boogaloo
jet engine exhaust up my nostrils/ backside

pardon application without counsellor
encrypted ideas of reference

thine ass-holier-than-thou intellect
soulmates and poets make strange bedfellows

your words are flightless birds, (though ungrounded)
yet I long to stroke your oily feathers

football season is over, no more fun...
now do I repay a period won?

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