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Biblical character gives her side of things
The only woman in the Bible to have loved a man, Michal's life was miserable because of that love.

The son of Jesse, David was so fine in his youth.
He had a chisled jaw and supple skin.
Light brown hair curled over his ears.
I loved him from the first. if I speak the truth.

When you spoke, he'd look you in the eye
Like he could see into your soul.
Every woman and man loved him,
Including me, that I won't deny.

I was thrilled when my father gave me as his bride.
I was his reward for loyal service, a political gain.
My brother Jonathan was his best friend, a family blessing.
I knew these things, but my love, my lust overcame my pride.

Almost immediately, David took other women to bed.
I was his first wife, never his precious one, his beloved.
When military and political tensions grew strong,
He abandoned me. From me and the king, he fled.

Then I was hurt, dejected, and lonely.
I mourned and grieved to no avail.
He fought his battles, living like I never existed.
I met another man who loved me, me only.

When it suited David to renew the alliance,
He demanded the return of the daughter of Saul.
Humiliated, dejected, I didn't want him,
But his soldiers took me despite my defiance.

Paltiel, my husband, followed us wailing
He walked through Jerusalem, protesting,
Until the men sent him back, heart breaking.
Me crying, him sobbing, our efforts failing.

David, that sweet, that beautiful boy,
Never loved me or returned my affection.
Now as a king he never comes to my room,
He treats every woman like she's a toy.

I, Michal, have spent all my days
As one of the king's wives imprisoned
In this luxurious cage,
Secure in the knowledge that love never pays.

1 Samuel 18:20, 28 "Michal was in love with David."
Her story is told in 1 Samuel 18 and off and on until 2 Samuel 6. She vanishes at that point.

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